Monday, August 27, 2018

This and That

Well - preschool has began! And we are both so happy!!! 

Will Holden was actually so happy to go to school! I was so proud of him!! He smiled all the way in and ran right in his room and didn't even look back at me.  And when I picked him up he was still smiling and said "I had a great day!"  

Last year he was standing on a step so it's misleading but my little Hog fan has grown SO much in one year.  He's no longer a baby/toddler - he's a little boy!!! 

Hollis met her soccer coach and got her uniform Friday night.  We are excited for another soccer season this year.  No pressure but her coach won the league championship last year so we are going to have to really step it up! 

Harper had a fun birthday party to go to Saturday with some of the girls she has grown up with her whole life.  

My parents came in town this weekend.  A lot of you who read my blog may remember "Caroline in Texas".  Her parents moved here about 7 years ago.  They are a precious couple and go to my church.  Her dad passed away recently after a long illness and his funeral was Saturday morning so we all went.  Caroline spoke and it was incredible!!! I was so proud of her! 

Since my parents were in town - they offered to keep the kids and for us to go on a date! We don't do that often enough so we were excited.  Normally if we get a date - we just try to have a fast dinner so I really wanted us to go to a movie too.  We love our new downtown theatre that has reserved seats.  We saw "The Meg" which was ok.  Not the best movie I've ever seen but I was entertained and we just enjoyed the time alone! 

Meanwhile our kids went out for pizza and had fun with their grandparents.  

Today we had church and then my parents left.  The girls have gotten really into babies (AFTER I gave all their baby doll stuff away) but I'm just so thankful for them to stay little and play with babies that we got a few new things this weekend.  I am HERE for all this doll playing! 

We have a busy week ahead - life is getting back into full swing! 

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