Monday, August 20, 2018

Ears and Cheers

Well we survived our first week of school.  We actually had a great week! They love their teachers and have good friends.  I'm so thankful for how the year has began! 

We had a nice night one night last week so decided to take the kids out and take a few pictures of them.  Everything was great except the 5000 mosquitos that bit me.  :-(  They only bit me and Harper and I told her it was because we were the two sweetest. ha ha 

Will Holden can not NOT fake smile.  Scott took literally 400 pictures and he fake smiled in all of them.  At least he is kind of looking and not crying. I call that a win in my book! 

I love these three so much! 

We had to go to a friends' house to pick up something after that.  They live on a beautiful place with cows (and pigs and chickens).  The kids LOVE it.  Who wouldn't? 

After that we had a very late dinner.  One of my favorite Bentonville staples, the Station, has been on our square forever.  It's kind of like a diner.  We love it and I was so sad because it closed earlier this year.  But they reopened in a old house near downtown that has a real cool patio.  I had my doubts but thought we should try it out.  

We were there at 8 on a school night and were the only ones there which was delightful.  Locals - I love it even more where it is now.  

Our activities don't get going until this week so it was nice last week to be free after school.  We played outside and just relaxed.  (Don't worry - I know they don't have on helmets but they were just circling our driveway).  

My aunt gave Scott a huge gun safe that had been her husbands.  He and Steve left early Saturday morning to pick it up and it took them most of the day.  Our friend Craig came and helped them unload it into the house.  The safe weighs almost 1000 pounds.  I am surprised they didn't all throw their backs out.  Scott is so thrilled to have it.  We owe the guys a HUGE favor.  Like a 1000 pound favor. ha! 

While they were gone, I took the kids swimming one last time.  Will Holden and I went on Thursday and we were the only two people at the pool.  I had to run up and ask if they were even open.  We had so much fun with the pool to ourselves.  He doesn't start school until Friday.  We have been having a lot of one on one time.  And school is wearing him out having to get up so early.  He never naps but he has fallen asleep in the car line every single day this week.  

I can't lie - Kelly Green is my favorite color.  I had us all in green today (well Harper wasn't but she blended).  Will Holden was thrilled to take a picture with us.  

Sarah Kate came home with us after church.  We went to eat lunch and then I took the kids to get hair cuts and the girls to get their ears pierced.  They had them pierced about 2 years ago and both of them let them grow back.  But this summer they have begged and begged to have it done again.  So we are trying one more time.  They have sooooo many pairs of earrings - hopefully we can make this work.  They are both pretty responsible at this point.  Sarah Kate documented the whole thing for their "you tube channel".  

Sweet girls 

They both did great.  We went to pigtails and crewcuts and I prefer it WAY over Claire's.  

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