Friday, July 20, 2018

Surprise Finds At Walmart

Since 99% of bloggers are posting today about the Nordstrom sale - I thought I would post some cute things at a place where a lot of us shop - Walmart.

Actually, I've found a lot of cute things at Walmart recently so I thought it would be fun to share more.  Not all are online or carried in all the stores but if you are in to get milk and bread - you might just keep your eyes out.  (This is not sponsored or affiliated - it's just for fun!)

All of these shirts are from Walmart and I've been wearing them on repeat.  The ones in the top picture were all $12! And the yellow one was $9!!!!!

There are a few of the embroidered top in red still in stock.  The others are sold out.  

How cute is this? It's $16 and comes in 4 colors

These ruffles and pearl shirts are really soft.  I've looked at it several times in store.  And it comes in 4 colors also! 

There is a cute line for kids called Wonder Nation.  I love this outfit for girls.  And in stores at the beginning of summer they had knock off Natives for FIVE DOLLARS.  Will Holden has worn them all summer.  

Which - I bought my kids expensive chacos and Sun San sandals for summer and almost every day - they wear their walmart shoes instead.  I found the girls cute rose gold knock off birkenstocks back in March and that is what they want to wear daily.  Of course.  

And of course - there is all the Pioneer Woman stuff.  I love all the bakeware like this ruffled baker

And this COW PILLOW!!!! How cute is this? 

She has this cute bedding too!!!! 

And there is great furniture from Better Homes and Garden when you are on a budget! Love this dresser

I've had my eye on this sleeper futon for our office for a while.  It's $300!!! And comes in 4 colors! 

And Big Buddha has a whole line of purses and shoes and they are really great! For even better prices - these are $17! 

We got these bunk beds for the girls from Walmart and we love them.  They are perfect for a bed we will only use for a few years.  

We all know we can find cute things at Target but it's always fun to find things at good old Walmart! I'm never more proud when someone compliments something and I can say it was from Walmart and cheap! 

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