Friday, June 29, 2018

The Beach with Friends and a Toddler

We wrapped up our beach trip on Friday of last week.  The Ormons went home Friday morning and we had one last day with just us Stamps. 

One of the kids favorite activities this trip was collecting shells.  

I could have stayed at the beach for another 2-3 weeks.  I just love the beach life.  We had a routine of getting up fairly early.  We all ate breakfast and then we would head to the beach.  We stayed there a hour or two and then went to the pool for an hour or more.  Then we would go up and eat lunch in the condo and then repeat the whole process in the afternoon.  We came in early and got ready and went to dinner before 5 every day.  

The last day the waves were so high - it had built a wall on the shore.  

My boys! 

I could look at this every day! 

On Thursday night we took some beach pictures.  I love these three so much!!!! 

My family! 

Scott brought his tripod so I thought it would be fun to get a picture of us all together! 

A lot of people asked me on IG about vacationing with friends and what tips I would give.  

I will say it can be hard to find the right friends to take trips with.  It's important to have similar styles.  We have gone on vacation with the Ormons nearly every year for 12 years.  We just enjoy the same things and have similar vacation styles.  We love to go with friends because it gives our kids friends and that adds a lot of fun and we love to have extra people to talk to and laugh with.  The technical way we do it is usually I find a place on VRBO and then we just split the cost.  When we went to Disney, we used a planner and she helped us plan it all out together.  We never travel together - we just meet up wherever we are going.  

Ya'll also asked about going to the beach with a toddler.  (side note - is a 3 year old a toddler? Or what are they?) My advice is to keep your expectations low.  When WH was 18 months and we went - it was awful.  He HATED the sand and the water and the pool.  And he needed long naps every day. So I spent most of our vacation in the condo.  He was also terrible at restaurants and one of us was always walking him outside while the others ate.  But we still went and made the most of it.  This year was SOOOO much better.  He loved the sand and he loved swimming and he was really great eating out.  And honestly - every where I looked were families with toddlers having fits. 

We were sad to say goodbye to the beach but I hope we will be back soon.  I love making memories with my family there.  

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