Tuesday, July 03, 2018


Last week was VBS.  It's always a fun week around our house.  The Razorbacks were also playing in the College World Series finals so we broke out our Hog clothes for the first day! 

I had to double fist my caffeine to make it through the week.  

Harper went home with Sarah Kate one day after VBS so I took the other two out to eat.  

I love this girl! 

A new coffee shop, Joy House, opened in our town last week also.  They get all their coffee from Haiti and provide a lot of jobs there.  That's their mission and I love supporting places that are great but also help others! If you are local - it's downtown right down the street from the Bentonville Library.  It's SO cute inside and the coffee is good! 

We had over 1000 kids and adults last week.  Our church really does put on a great VBS.  Kids from all over town come and I love that! 

Love these girls.  They love wearing glasses they don't need.  ha! 

I was busy working crafts so I didn't see a lot of my kids.  But I found Harper's group at snack one day.  She had a sweet group of girls in her crew.  

The girl with Harper is deaf and has a cochlear implant.  They met for the first time when they were both two and went to the same speech therapist.  We have met them a few times at various events for deaf/hard of hearing kids.  Her mom and I are trying to get them to be friends because they will be in the same middle school in one year (and junior high and high school) and I'm so thankful that they won't have to feel alone in their differences.  And they are both strong, smart, and sweet girls so I doubt they ever have to feel different but if they do - hopefully they can form a bond.  

Will Holden doesn't nap anymore but he came home Friday and said he wasn't hungry for dinner and crawled in our bed at 6 and slept until the next morning.  And I wasn't far behind him.  I came off a three week stretch of camp, the beach and VBS and I was EXHAUSTED.  It as an AMAZING three weeks but it tired me out more than I knew it would.  

We have six weeks of summer left and I'm so thankful to fill it with lazy mornings, lots of pool days and tons of quality time.  

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