Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Our favorite places to eat on the gulf coast

We have been going on these trips since the girls were babies and they are SO grown up these days.  

Look how little they were just a few years ago! 

This is one of my favorite beach pictures when we went in the fall

And this picture of Hollis is a favorite! 

Wednesday night we headed to Wolf Bay Lodge

The guys took the girls to play mini golf but Laurie and I didn't want to play so I took WH on a go kart ride while we waited on them.  

I wish I could stare at this view every day 

I get asked a lot where our favorite places are to eat at the beach.  I ranked all the places we ate last week.  

I ranked these based on food, atmosphere, service and their gumbo. 🤣

1.  Louisiana Lagniappe - this will always be my favorite.  I love the atmosphere.  Love their salads.  Love their gumbo.  And love the stuffed shrimp! 

2. GT’s on the bay (this was a new try and and we loved it) - it has an outdoor really cute pirate playground and sand box for kids but we were taking pictures after so I didn't send WH out to play.  But I would love to go back and let him play while we eat.  

3. Fisherman’s Corner in PK (little shack - good food) 

4. Fin and Fork (another new place. This was Laurie’s fav) This is owned by the people who had Shipp's Harbor - it closed recently.  It's pretty inside and the food is really good.  The kid's meals come with these huge and delicious chocolate chip cookies which thrilled our girls.  

5. Shrimp Basket - this is just a good casual meal.  I love their gumbo and I also love the shrimp tacos.  

6. Cobalt - I usually love this but it wasn’t my favorite this time but mostly because we ate outside and the gnats ate us up.  It's still a great choice.  

7. Wolf Bay Lodge - this was just ok for us

Some other places I would like to go to are Doc's, the Gulf, and Cosmos.  We also LOVE Fisher's if you can get a date night.  We almost went this trip and then decided against.  

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