Tuesday, June 26, 2018

More Beach

These five are just the best! Also we took 875 pictures like this and this was the only one that at least 4 kids had their eyes opened.  ha! 
Also - Emily is a grown woman.  wahhhhhhhhhh. 

I had to sneak in one more year of monogrammed swim suits.  I know this was probably it.  Of course - I dropped the ball on monogramming his rash guard.  
(His rash guards all came from Walmart.  Kudos to them for plain ones!) 

He kept saying "I wub this place".  He also called our condo a tower and a castle.  We were on the 19th floor so I get it.  

Our second night we headed to dinner at a new place - Fin and Fork.  If you normally go to the gulf, Shipp's Harbor closed and this is their new restaurant.  It was really good.  I loved the food and atmosphere.  And the kids meals came with HUGE and delicious chocolate chip cookies which made it a hit with them.  

One of our favorite things to do at the beach is to ride go karts.  

My handsome boy! 

We rode a few times - it's always fun! 

We decided on this trip to try something new and go on a dolphin cruise on Tuesday morning.  

Unfortunately we went on the hottest day.  It was BLAZING hot and the boat was a lot more crowded than I had in my head.  

The kids really liked it.  

Will Holden was mad that they made him wear a life jacket.  It got buckled eventually.  

Me and my girls.  Laurie LOVED the boat but we pretty much hated it.  Just hot and crowded.  But it was good to try something different any way.  

And they let this guy drive the boat and we didn't die!!!!

That night we went to our favorite restaurant - Louisiana Lagniappe.  I love the food and atmosphere. 

My arm looks weird but here we are! :-) 

I can't resist kids in red, white and blue at the beach.  I mean aren't they the cutest? 

I'm really missing the beach terribly this week.  I would move there next week if someone could find Scott a job! I would be happy to set up beach chairs on the beach or maybe set up a snow cone stand. 

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