Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Weekend Roundup

Our area just had a new children's hospital open.  It was WAY overdue.  Our beloved audiologist in Little Rock cut back on working so it was a good time for us to switch to one in NWA.  We have checkups twice a year and we had one on Friday.  

It's crazy how mature and great Harper is at her appointments now.  We had a great appointment and her hearing hasn't changed in a year so we were thrilled with that news.  Our new audiologist was very nice! 

The new hospital is beautiful.  We are so thankful that all the kids in our area don't have to travel over 3 hours for visits anymore.  

I took Harper to our favorite pizza place in Fayetteville for lunch to celebrate a good report! 

She is always talking about how she would like to get macaroons.  (Or macarons - I have no idea which to say but I've never heard anyone say macarons).  Anyway - there is the most beautiful shop in Fayetteville so I took her for a treat after lunch.  She was thrilled.  

It is so rare for me to get one on one time with this girl and it's so precious to me.  She's growing up before my eyes and she is so kind and thoughtful.  

Friday night found us playing in the back yard for hours.  Eating tiny ice cream cones and jumping on the trampoline.  I love this time of the year when we stay outside until dark.  

Saturday Hollis had a tournament game.  We were hoping to win and get in the finals but the team we played seem to be professional.  ha! The coach and his daughter were European and they must have started soccer in the womb. ha! They CREAMED us.  But we had a great season and Hollis did so well.  She really liked it and I hope she will stick with it.  

Her best friend Kampbell was playing one field over.  Her team lost too so it was a disappointing day.  

It was a hot and beautiful day.  Hollis' soccer team had a celebration lunch at a pizza place after the game.  

How cute are the cupcakes her coach brought? 

Saturday night one of our favorite baby sitters got married.  I didn't take any pictures at the wedding but Harper took this of us before we left.  It was a sweet wedding.  

Sunday I celebrated Mother's Day at church with my family.  

I taught WH's class in Sunday School 

My kids picked my favorite Mexican place for lunch which made me happy.  And the restaurant even game me a rose. :-) 

It was a gorgeous day and I got to take a super long trail walk alone.  I listened to podcast and just enjoyed the weather and the outdoors.  

It got quiet and we lost Will Holden for a little bit and found him asleep in our bed.  I think all the late nights playing outside are catching up with him.  Just 2 more weeks of school! 

We think we can! 

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