Friday, May 11, 2018

Mugs and Muffins

I'm having one of those weeks where I get up extra early and hit the ground running and don't stop until late at night.  It's just a busy and wonderful time! 

Especially when I have sweetness like this with me! 

Little Frat Boy with his precious "chicken minis".  We have had a special deal this year that on Tuesday mornings we go to Bible Study and I let him have chicken minis and he takes them to church and eats them for breakfast.  At one point - each of my kids have had Tuesdays as a day that was our one on one time to go to Bible Study and then have lunch and play.  I'm going to be one sad mom when WH goes to kindergarten and doesn't spend his Tuesdays with me.  

Hollis had a tournament game for soccer Tuesday night.  They won so now we get to play this weekend.  

This is how WH waits out the games.  He's usually running the fields but Tuesday, he just laid in the grass and chilled.  

Wednesday I spent all day with my friend/boss Susan.  She did a seminar on "Parenting Your Adult Children".  This may sound like a weird topic but you would be surprised on all the reasons people are drawn to this topic.  Susan spoke on everything from boundaries, not enabling, raising grandchildren, communication, and so much more.  It was really good.  We would like to do something again soon and have something we could share online.  I think it would be valuable for so many.  

Yesterday was a packed day.  I had breakfast with friends, an appointment, picked up kids, ran to piano lessons, ran to the grocery store, fixed dinner, went to a meeting, came home late and worked on a few things before heading to bed.  

One of my friends had a few us over for breakfast.  She surprised us with a Mother's Day breakfast.  She made us the sweetest cards and gave us mugs.  It was so sweet.  

Isn't she the prettiest and her house is to die for? 

She made us THESE muffins and they were to die for.  And I'm not normally a fan of blueberry muffins.  I had to run and buy a box for my kids.  They love muffins.  

This boy! We got his school pictures back and they are SO precious.  He's just the sweetest thing ever.  I'm so crazy about him.  
And his sisters 

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