Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Fashion Designers and Swim Lessons

Every year the third grade does a Wax Museum.  The kids are all famous Arkansans.  This is a way they learn Arkansas History.  They had to research their person and put together a poster and presentation and then they did it for the school and that night for the parents.  It was fun to see all the famous people from our state - everyone from Bill Clinton to Johnny Cash to Douglas MacArthur to Jerry Jones to Sam Walton.  Harper was Korto Momolu.  She lives in Little Rock and was a runner up on Project Runway.  She also designed the uniforms for Crystal Bridges.  Harper was so excited to be her! (And the sweetest thing is I put this on Instagram and Korto commented! It made Harper's night - she was thrilled!) 

I can hardly believe this girl is headed to 4th grade! She's so grown up lately.  

Our Bible Study gave us a free mothers day out on Tuesday - what a gift! I'm trying to get as much as I can done this week and next before I have three months with kids home 24/7.  ha! I'm excited to have them home but I also know there won't be much kid free time this summer to run errands or clean house.  I will have a clean house one day -right? 

We started swim lessons on Tuesday.  Harper isn't taking - she is just swimming while the other two learn.  She's a great swimmer.  Will Holden screamed for the first 15 minutes and laughed the last 15 minutes.  That's pretty much life with him. ha! 

We are headed to the beach in a few weeks and we can't wait! We go to Perdido Key and we love it there! You can read some of our past posts on the beach if you want to see some of our favorite places to go! 

Will Holden had an ice cream party at school today! He was so excited.  He's had such a turn around at school this year.  He has a lot of separation anxiety and it would take four teachers to take him in at the beginning of school and now he runs in and says " I LOVE school!" when we pull up.  It's just been SO good for him! He adores his teachers.  He kisses their hands when they hold his.  And he tells me he loves them.  What a blessing! 

We have a field trip and field day to wind up the rest of our week and then the girls and I are headed on a mother daughter retreat this weekend and I'm so excited! 

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