Sunday, May 06, 2018

May Day

May Day! May Day! 

This is the busiest time of the year.  We have SO much going on.  School projects, teacher appreciation week, testing, soccer tournament, weddings, field trips and a bunch more.  I'm doing my best to keep up with it all.  

But we only have 16 days of school left.  Which means 16 more mornings.  praise hands! 

I didn't blog at all last week because I just didn't have a lot of time.  We had a special class on world religions on Tuesday by my friend/ pastor Dr. Hutch.  It was SO good. 

We had soccer practice.  

One day while the girls were in gymnastics - I took Will Holden to a local trail/creek to play in.  He had the best time! 

Hollis got student of the week for the second time! So proud of her! 

Our town has a big film festival every year in May.  Celebrities come to town and they play films all over town and they have a fun festival off the square all week.  I took the kids on Friday after school.  

We had a great time.  We got there before it was too crazy.  It gets insanely crowded the later it gets.  

A lot of vendors had booths and were giving out free stuff.  The kids had a blast! 

Will Holden did pretty great at sticking with us.  

We ran into all kinds of friends! That's when our town seems especially sweet and small.  

Bentonville also has a fun event on our square every first Friday of the month.  Our church just started having a tent outside our church.  We are giving out snacks and coffee and water.  It's a great way to get out in the community! 

Saturday Hollis had a soccer game.  The boys had matching AR hats! 

We took the kids back to the creek to play in the afternoon.  WH was so happy.  He got completely wet and we just had to strip him down. 

They love skipping rocks.  

Back 11 years ago before kids, Scott and I spent a lot of weekends taking Dawson on a walk on that trail and then letting him swim in the creek.  We really haven't been back much since the kids came along so it was kind of a full circle moment to be back at "Dawson's Creek" with 3 kids. We would have never dreamed that up 11 years ago.  

Last night the girls had GA's for the last time.  They walked to the square for ice cream.  We are gearing up for another busy week! 

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