Monday, April 30, 2018

Sonic Trips and Power Lifting

We had a busy week this past week.  

Monday the girls finally got a good hair cut.  They only get a hair cut maybe twice a year and they were over due.  They looked so grown up! 

Tuesday night Harper's team played against her best friend's team.  Hollis scored a goal and did so good and so did Kampbell.  It was the first great weather we had during a game and we sat with our friends and just had a great time talking and cheering.  

Someone told me Hollis looks like a young Jennifer Garner in this picture.  She totally does! 

Wednesday I took Harper to Sonic on a one on one date to just have some girl talk.  I love getting time alone with my kids.  

So naturally I took Hollis the next night.  She cracked me up because she brought a notebook because she wanted us to do math problems together.  Not homework - just math facts.  She is such a mini me.  Which is good and bad.  ha! 

Friday Laurie needed to pick up something she ordered in Grove, OK - about an hour away.  She invited me to go with her and we had a great day.  They have a super cute store that we love.  

Then we ate lunch at Charlie's Chicken before coming home.  Laurie LOVES her some CC! 

Harper got student of the week at school for like the third time in an assembly at the end of the day so I took the girls home early and we went for our first snow cones of the year! 

We had the Power Team at our church this week so Friday night we went to see them.  

The girls loved it and I was a little worried WH would be encouraged to break things. ha! 

We had a full day Saturday and I didn't take ONE picture.  Hollis had a soccer game in the morning.  It was GORGEOUS that morning.  We went home and had lunch and I had to go grocery shopping and do about 5 loads of laundry.  Hollis had a birthday party in the afternoon and then we went over to a friends house and had dinner and swam.  It was a perfect day.  The kind of day I enjoyed and didn't take pictures! 

Sunday was church and it was finally warm.  No coats or boots! We spent the afternoon taking a long hike and playing outside.   We are so ready for summer! It's coming at us fast! 

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