Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Mom books

With Mother's Day coming up this weekend - I thought I would share some really great MOM themed books I have read or been reading lately that are great resources.

This is a REALLY REALLY good book on parenting.  I highly recommend it and it came HIGHLY recommended to me by people I respect.  

My Bible Study group just finished this and it was EXCELLENT.  There is a Bible study book also but we ended up just using the book.  If you want to read this alone or if you have a group of friends that need a summer study - y'all this is GOOD! And freeing! We had so much good discussion and tears and laughter as we went through this.  I loved it.  

I just got this so I haven't read it yet but it's high on my summer list.  I know Ruth and I know this will be good.  Just the title alone grabs me in.  As I'm home all summer with kids fighting and getting my house dirty - I think I need this to inspire me. ha! 

I just started this one but it's REALLY funny! It's a great beachy, summer read when you need something funny and a light read.  And it has a foreword by Sophie Hudson who I know many of you know and love! 

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