Monday, April 23, 2018

Spending the weekend in the 1800's

We had a super busy but fun weekend! We celebrated Will Holden's birthday! I will write about that tomorrow but I'm sharing the rest of our weekend today.

Scott's parents came up on Thursday.  We got season passes to Silver Dollar City this year.  We thought Will Holden might be a good age to go.  They include guest passes so we planned a trip on Friday.  

The last time we went Will Holden was barely two and he hated it and it was miserable but this year he loved it.  We didn't take a stroller and he did good walking and he loved the rides.  

I was proud of how many things he rode.  I don't love rides but I decided to get on Fire in the Hole for the first time since I was 17.  It's not awful but has several fast dips.  He rode with me and I had a death grip on him.  It's a whole new level when you ride a ride with a toddler.  

I was afraid it would be too cold but it turned into a nice day.  It was high school choir day so there were a million teenagers there but that meant the kids area was empty. ha! 

They have a whole fireman area for kids.  Will Holden was all in! 

Hollis is as brave as Harper.  They rode several roller coasters! 

While Scott and the girls rode roller coasters, I hung out with Will Holden and he got real still and then just passed out on me.  I held him while he slept for about an hour.  Poor baby we wore him out! 

We had to race back to town because the girls had choir practice that night.  

We had such a fun day and look forward to a lot more trips to Branson this year! 

Sunday we helped with baptisms.  I was so excited because Emily got baptized! She was saved at a very young age but recently just wanted to nail it down as a young lady.  She wanted to make her relationship with Jesus secure and get baptized.  I'm so proud of the beautiful girl inside and out she has become.  She is headed to junior high and I just can't believe it! 

Love them! 

Hollis ran over to sit with her best friend Kampbell during church.  One of my favorite memories growing up was always sitting with my friends in church.  It makes me so happy when my kids sit with their friends.  I hope they have the same special memories I do.  

Sunday night was our church children's musical.  We always have a big production.  This year they did "Back to the Cross" - which involved a time machine that travels through several decades.  My girls were in the 1800's and they sang a duet (you can see them sing on my instagram!) 

Love all these sweet girls! 

Kampbell and Hollis 

This was the first and last year that my girls and Laurie's girls would all be in choir together.  Emily will be in youth choir next year. 

I was so proud of these two singing - especially shy Hollis.  She told me she wasn't nervous and now they are both ready to try out again next year.  I'm thankful for the confidence it has given them and that they love to sing.  

We were so glad Scott's parents got to come see them sing! 

Love these girls! 

Will Holden sat through the musical and was so good.  He even leaned over towards the end and whispered "I've been a good boy".  ha ha ha

In the time machine! 

We are back to routines this week and we only have five weeks of school left! Crazy! 

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