Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Partying and Playing

I'm fighting allergies this week and feel pretty crummy  but we have a crazy busy weeks so I'm trying to stay in the game.  

I had to get my tires rotated and a tire sensor fixed Monday.  Our tire place is so nice and they are really great but don't take appointments and SO slow.  I was there almost 3 hours Monday and they still had to order a part so I had to go back yesterday.  

Harper's piano lesson got cancelled last minute and we have been saving up Justice gift cards the girls got for their birthdays so they begged me to take them.  It was the perfect time.  It's only the second time we have been but they had the best time.  It's full of 8-12 year old girl treasures.  

Monday night I decided I needed a walk.  I put in my headphones and started to leave when the kids all put on their shoes and begged to go with me.  Even though I wanted to be alone - I am glad I didn't miss the chance to have a sweet moment with the kids.  They stopped and blew dandelions.  

They held hands and laughed and talked to me.  And asked if we could take walks every night.  These are the sweet moments I treasure.  

Tuesday morning I went to Bible study.  We are doing "Mom set Free" by Jeanie Cunion.  It's really good.  We had such a great discussion this morning.  

Will Holden and I grabbed lunch afterwards and headed back to the tire place.  We were there for an hour and a half but God heard my prayers because Will Holden was actually pretty well behaved and we survived.  We had to make a Walmart trip and it was time to pick up the girls.  

After school we headed to Chuck E Cheese.  One of my best friends' little boy turned 4 yesterday and we met up to celebrate.  Normally I would dread Chuck E Cheese but it was really clean and we were the only people there.  It was actually great.  My kids had the best time.  Hollis and her BFF - the birthday boy's sister.  They both had soccer games right after the party so they had to come dressed.  

Kal and Will Holden.  Their birthdays are exactly one year and one week apart.  They make a great pair.  

They didn't even really need tokens.  They just ran around to every machine saying "LOOK AT THIS!!!" 

Will Holden LOVED Chuck E Cheese

WE raced off to Hollis' soccer game.  It was finally warm and nice to sit and watch.  

Hollis and Kampbell played on fields next to each other so the boys got to carry on playing.  

These are busy but fun days! We all sleep well at night! 

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