Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Fire in the Hole!

Yesterday my baby boy turned THREE!!! 

I can hardly believe it! When he was born and I felt overwhelmed, I would tell myself that if I could just make it until he turned three - I would be ok.  Well - I've made it and I am ok! I'm more than ok.  He has brought so much joy and laughter to our house.  Yes - it is crazy and he is busy and rough and all boy but he is so sweet and snuggly and he loves us all so fiercely.  You just TRY to get between him and his sisters.  He is their loyal protector.  

He's not a baby anymore - he is a little boy now.  He tells me all the time "I'm big".  He always wants to eat so he can be "big and strong"! :- )

He loves fire trucks, tractors, and transformers.  I thought a fire truck party would be fun so we had one this past weekend! 

My parents came for the day (WH was OVER the picture taking by this point) 

My world 

Scott's family 

We have a fire station in our neighborhood so I had planned to ask them if they would mind if we brought the kids over for a quick tour.  We were going to walk over.  So when I asked one of the firemen - he was SO nice.  He said he was on duty and maybe he would just bring the truck over.  I really didn't think he would but I called the day of the party just to double check about us coming and he said "Oh I will be over with the truck".  I was so thrilled.  Firemen are just always so nice.  

They pulled up to our house and Will Holden was so happy.  He went running out and they were so sweet with him.  

The kids got to climb in the truck.  (It's a little tricky to get a picture of three year olds - so we had to have a lot of mommas in the picture).  

What a sweet day for this boy.  I don't know if he will remember it but I sure will.  

I loved his cake! 

It was a simple party.  We had cake and opened presents and the kids played outside.  

He even got firemen gear - how adorable is he? 

All three of my kids at their third birthday parties! 

Yesterday on his actual day - he really didn't know it was his birthday.  He thought we had already celebrated it.  But we sang to him and I had Bible Study but he wanted to have eat in the garage afterwards? Ok.  So we had a picnic in the floor.  

And then he drove his favorite gift! His tractor (if you haven't seen my video on instagram of him opening the tractor - you need to watch!) 

What a sweet time celebrating my sweet boy! 

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