Monday, February 12, 2018

Ice Ice Baby

We have had a week full of school and activities and cold weather.  

Thursday I had to go to a meeting and attend an important conference call and I knew they would both be short and didn't really have anyone to watch Will Holden so I decided I would try to take him along.  He's such a wild card.  He can be wild and crazy or he can be so good.  Thankfully Thursday was a good day for him.  He packed up a little bag of toys to take with us and he went and sat quietly during my meeting.  I was so proud of him.  He seemed like such a big boy that day.  

Friday, Harper's grade went to Crystal Bridges and I got to go with them.  

I try to go on as many field trips as I can.  I can see how fast it flies by and I know it's only a short window that I can do this.  And I feel so grateful just to be able to.  

I love the chance to get to know the kids in Harper's class.  

This is a statue.  Can you believe how real it looks???

I shared this on instagram but Harper has an FM system at school. Her teacher wears a microphone that feeds directly to her hearing aids to help her hear better. Her teacher brought it with her but we were in a small group with a guide and Harper didn’t need it but she let me wear it. So every once in a while I turned it on and said “I love you” into the mic. 😍😍 Just to see her turn and smile. One day she will be embarrassed by her old momma but I’m glad that day is not here yet.  

Friday afternoon my parents came over for a quick visit.  They have been out of town for several weeks and came to bring Harper her birthday gifts and see the kids.  Will Holden packed up a suitcase and was ready to go home with them.  

Our church had Parents Night Out Friday night.  We jumped on that.  Scott and I enjoyed getting to have dinner alone.  Harper took this picture.  I had no idea the photo bomber was in it until I looked at it. We laughed so hard.  This is a perfect picture of why we need a date night. ha ha ha! 

Saturday was a gloomy, cold and icy day.  We had made plans to meet my friend Maegan her girls to decorate cookies at a class at Southern Style so we slid downtown.  

We had so much fun.  

I am clearly not going into cookie decorating. ha! 

These girls are BFF's.  I will be so sad when the day comes that they no longer wear big bows.  

Sweet girls 

We had the best time.  We spent the rest of the day and night at home.  We hung out in our pj's and watched a lot of movies and just enjoyed being at home.  

The roads were pretty icy so they cancelled church yesterday.  We had a great day at home.  I am completely caught up on laundry.  I got some projects done.  The kids played together a lot.  But towards the end of the day they were kind of climbing the walls.  And just about that time, I got the call that there would not be school today.  Send help.  

So we will be back at home today.  The good news is the roads should be fine and we are getting out later in the morning.  I have a lot to do and I guess I will just have three helpers.  

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