Friday, February 02, 2018


We have had a good week.  It hasn't been terribly busy which has been nice.  

Dillards finally had a good coat sale a few weeks ago and I got the girls new coats - really for next year but they of course have started wearing them.  

My friend Maegan gave Hollis a crown braid on Sunday afternoon.  It was so cute.  So Harper was begging for one on Monday.  I thought it looked so pretty.  

Of course this is what it looked like after about two hours of school.  Maegan and I are going to film a tutorial over the weekend to show ya'll how to do the crown braid! It's really easy - you can do it too! 

Bobetta, the lovely lady in the middle, moved here a few years ago.  She is from a small town right next to the one I grew up in.  She has been in Bible Study with me the last year and I have LOVED getting to know her.   She mentors my friend Rachel and they have the sweetest friendship.  Rachel invited us all over after Bible Study for lunch to celebrate Bobetta's birthday that was earlier in the month.  I had the best time with these girls.  

A while back I saw someone wearing this dress and I LOVED it.  It's Free People but I couldn't find it on their site anymore.  So I tracked it down and found it new with tags on eBay.  I LOVE it.  I got a lot of compliments at Bible Study and then I was at the UPS office and an older man followed me out and told me he just wanted me to know my dress was "dynamite".  ha ha ha ha! You may see me in this dress a lot in the next few months! ha! 

Thursdays are my day that I spend the day with Will Holden and I also try to stay home and get a lot done.  Some days that doesn't always go as planned but Will had a good day and I was able to get a lot done.  This boy.  He's such a fun (but challenging) age.  I love him big.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

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