Sunday, January 28, 2018

Antiques and Bunk Beds

Last week was a busy one but not a lot to report on.  

Friday I headed to Prairie Grove to look for a few things.  This is a small town about 40 min away that has a whole street full of antique stores.  

I called Laurie the night before and asked her to go with me.  We had a great time hunting around.  

There was a new store since the last time we had been and it was especially neat! 

There were so many treasures but I only came home with one tiny thing.  And a few pictures of other things I'm thinking about.  We ate lunch and then came home.  

Scott and I worked all weekend on getting our house cleaned up!  The girls had talked us into bunk beds so we moved everything out of their room (and all the bedrooms) and cleaned all the carpets and cleaned out junk and then re did the girls room.  I told y'all I was on a mission to purge my whole house and I got a lot of it done this weekend with Scott's help.  

This was the girls' room before.  It's small and there just wasn't a lot of room to play.  

I think it turned out great and is so much more functional for them.  

We ordered the bed, the rug and the grey checked pillows and duvet blankets from  It's a nice bed for a good price! 

The girls are thrilled with their new room.  They are taking turns being on the top bunk.  

This is my favorite thing in their room - it's the dress they both came home from the hospital in framed.  

Yesterday was my friend Susan's 60th birthday.  She is my mentor, boss, and one of my best friends.  She is one of a handful of people who knows me very well.  I was able to have lunch with her earlier in the week to celebrate and yesterday her husband threw her a surprise lunch with their whole Sunday School class and a few bonus friends.  

These two had a good time.  Hollis went home with her bestie Kampbell after lunch to play.  

And their little brothers had fun together too.  

Hope your week is off to a good start! 

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