Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Christmas Part One

Our Christmas officially kicked off on December 19th.  The girls had their Christmas parties at school that afternoon.  I ran the party in Hollis' room and had to miss Harper's.  I try to switch off holidays so I can be in both.  Their last day of school was officially the 20th but we left that day to go to south AR so they missed.  

We stopped at a dairyette in Mt. Ida on the way to Magnolia.  I love a good dairyette.  This one did not disappoint.  There is something so wonderful about little small towns.  We had the best time.  

Me and my girl! 

My boys

Friday morning we had Christmas with Scott's parents.  The kids were super excited! 

Harper makes great expressions

So does Hollis 

It was almost 80 degrees on this day and SUPER humid.  The kids spent most of the day playing outside.  Will Holden played so hard he was all dirty and sweaty and I had to bathe him mid day.  

Now that's a good day.  But weird for December.  

Will Holden opened up this remote control Mickey car and then refused to open anything else.  This was a big hit at our house.  

Friday was also my 44th birthday.  I was happy to spend it with my babies! 

That night we drove over to Emerson, AR to the Smoking Bull.  This was a restaurant we hadn't been to before but it was SO good.  

I'm not sure about this Santa 

After we ate we drove around looking at lights.  There was a family with a walk through display so we got out to look.  It was crazy looking at lights in such warm weather.  

Santa was even there.  Will Holden is a big fan.  He ran right over with his arms raised up and jumped on his lap.  The easiest pictures we have ever taken of him is when he is on Santa's lap because he sits so still and smiles.  

It turned cold the next day.  Scott drove the kids around and around in this wagon.  I even went for a ride.  Scott's aunt and uncle came over and we had Christmas lunch with them.  

We left early Sunday morning and drove back home so we could have Christmas Eve and morning at our house.  

We made it home in time to go to the Christmas Eve Service at our church.  This was our second year to get to go to this.  I love everything about going to church on Christmas Eve.  I love sitting with all of my friends and singing Christmas carols.  I love our kids all sitting together.  It's festive and sweet and fun.  My friend Marci and her husband are the sweetest with Will Holden.  They love him and he loves them.  Marci brought stickers and WH sat on Craig's lap and put every one on his shirt.  But it kept him still and occupied the entire service which was a Christmas miracle! 

Hollis and her best friend

And her other BFF Joseph 

Will Holden and his buddy Kal.  How cute are they? 

We went to the service and then went home and ate and got everyone ready for bed so Santa could go to work! 

These are the sweetest gifts under my tree.  I'm so grateful for them! Christmas has been so fun and magical this year with them.  

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