Thursday, December 21, 2017

Calling all last minutes shoppers

This post is sponsored by InComm.  All opinions are my own. 

Are any of you last minute shoppers like me? It's the 21st and I'm STILL trying to finish up.  Of course I didn't even start until about the 15th of December.  

It's who I am.

Now I know a lot of people think it's impersonal to give gift cards but I happen to think it's one of the best gifts you can give.  Who doesn't like to get the gift of shopping? or eating? Or entertainment? 

Personally, gift cards are one of my favorite things I get.   It means I get to splurge on something I want.  Or go out to eat for free.  Or get coffee or diet coke for free! I'm always THRILLED to get gift cards.  

I also LOVE when I don't have to shop a thousand places.  I"m at Walmart pretty much every day so if I can pick up a gift there - it makes my life so easy.  That's why I love these huge gift cards stands.  

They have all kinds of options.  From Starbucks to restaurants to movies.  

I had a last minute gift to buy and Hollis helped me pick it out.  

Who doesn't love the movies? Our family LOVES to go to the movies.  We thought a fun gift would be this $50 fandango gift card.  We combined it with movie size candy (that Hollis picked out) and my very favorite popcorn in all the world (have you had - it's delicious!) 

I had this cute popcorn container left over from a party a few years ago so we put in a little tissue and made a gift of it.  It was SO easy.  

You have 4 days left.  If you need a last minute gift - Walmart can hook you up and your friends/famiily/teachers will thank you!!!

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