Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Christmas Part 2

Will Holden was up super early Christmas morning so we woke up the girls and let them come in.  

Happy boy with a remote control firetruck 

Sweet Christmas babies 

This was probably the favorite gift.  I owe it all to Scott.  He's the one who suggested this microphone.  It connects to bluetooth and can play songs from your phone or whatever.  They love it. And then I saw the same microphone all over social media later.  

It's only $30.  I think we may have to get another one for Harper's birthday! 

They also got roller skates and velour suits.  So it was like stepping into the 80's all day at our house.  

We spent Christmas day at home playing with new toys and eating a nice Christmas dinner.  

We packed up and headed to my parent's house the day after Christmas.  Will Holden could hardly contain his excitement to get on papa's tractor.  He is so obsessed.  

Hollis got a ride with papa too.  

My brother and his family got there that night and we opened gifts.  Harper got a robe and wanted to know if I thought she looked like Laurie.  ha ha ha! 

Hollis loved her robe too.  My mom got them Kavu bags like the one I took to Disney.  The girls have been asking for them forever.  They LOVE them.  They wear them everywhere.  They LOVE carrying a bag everywhere.  

We spent the next day playing at my parents house.  The cousins had so much fun together.  

My Aunt Linda came over that night to eat with us and she brought gifts for all the kids.  Pray for my Aunt - she has been really sick for a few weeks.  We are all worried about her.  

We left Friday to come home but before we did - we had to all go eat lunch at Pizza Hut.  I grew up in a tiny town and Pizza Hut was our only restaurant.  Now they have a few more including a sonic, a Walmart and a few stoplights.  But when I was there - it was just Pizza Hut.  So many of my memories are in that place.  And I still love it.  

Saturday I took the girls to see The Greatest Showman.  It was AMAZING.  I can't wait to see it again.  If you haven't been - go.  And it's great for kids. I would say 6 and up.  There isn't anything bad - I just think it would be over the heads of younger kids.  But there is a lot of singing and dancing and it's colorful so if you need to take a younger kid it would probably be okay.  We LOVED the music.  I want to get the soundtrack.  

Our town just got a new theater downtown.  It has a full menu of food and recliners.  It's really nice.  

We had the best time! 

Sunday we went to church.  It has been sooooooooo cold.  It's too cold to do anything.  We were home all day after church.  We just hung out on the couch watching TV and I was in bed by 9.  New Years Eve really isn't a big holiday at our house.  

The next morning I met up with friends to hit the big annual Dillards sale.  I have never been but have always known about it.  They mark everything 50% off already marked down things.  People usually line up for hours outside but I think the cold held that off. It was only 5 degrees.  

It was CRAZY!!! People were packed elbow to elbow.  I didn't go in with a mission to buy anything but more for the experience so it didn't stress me out.  I found a few deals but mostly I loved the people watching.  

Mostly I loved having the chance to spend some time with my friends.  We had a great time.  And then we went to lunch afterwards.  It was a great way to start 2018.  

I came home to this little guy.  My friend Jessica gave me some costumes for him and he loved them.  

We started this morning with Hollis having the stomach flu so it's been another day being locked in watching TV in our pj's all day.  My poor kids are going stir crazy.  We are still out of school until Monday.  The good news is that it's going to be 40 on Friday.  That's going to feel like summer.  We may have to go to a park without coats on.  :-) 

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