Thursday, January 04, 2018



It's January.

And to most of us that means........"this is the year I get in shape or lose weight".  We are starting new diets, trying things out, joining gyms, shopping at Whole Foods.

It's a time to make a change.

And a lot of you are like me - busy moms with little kids and trying to find a way to work out or go to the gym can be almost impossible.

And it's easy to quit.

What if you had a way to work out at home with really fun and different workouts at a time that's convenient to you AND also have a tribe to encourage you???

Meet my friend Brooke in the middle in the Mickey shirt.  The one with all the muscles.  We aren't even real life friends (yet) but we should be.  We know so many of the same people and she's one of my favorite people to watch on instastories.   She's so fun and real.  She's the mom of 3 kids and a pastor's wife.  She makes working out fun.  (Even for people like me who hate working out).  

(Oh - next to her in the feeling good shirt - that's last year's Miss America. She trains her.) 

Brooke leads bTribalfit and I just had to share it with you because I know it's going to be perfect for a lot of you.  

Don't we all want to look like that picture? Did I mention she's 40? So I don't have an excuse anymore. ha! 

All you do is go to the website: 

You can try it for a week for free and then it's just $12 a month.  Most gyms are more like $50 a month so you can get a pedicure with the savings! :-) 

They give you a weekly schedule and new workouts every month.  

They will put you in GroupME groups so you can build accountability.  

AND workouts can be modified for beginner or hard core - depending on your level.  

This isn't just for young moms either.  You could be retired and just don't want to go to a gym or a working mom of teens who needs to work out late at night or in the mornings.  The workouts are not super long and really work!

So if you are looking for something here at the first of the year to get you in a new routine or to change your life - this might just be what you are looking for!

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