Monday, January 22, 2018

Biscuits and Sponge Bob

Saturday morning we had a women's event at our church.  We have always done Mugs and Muffins but we decided this year to shake things up and have a biscuit bar instead of muffins.  It was a lot of fun! 

My sweet friends working hard in the kitchen! 

Laurie and our friend Maureen

Marty was our speaker.  I met her on the internet (ha) and slowly she became a real life friend.  You should follow her on instagram - she is full of great stories and encouragement.  She was our speaker and she did such a great job! 

Ever since Christmas break it has been so bitter cold.  The kids have been cooped up inside.  So Saturday it turned almost 60 so we had to get outside.  It was SUPER windy but still good to be outside.  We took the kids to a park to play.  

We had a great time! 

Then we decided to go to the children's museum.  This was the first time we have taken Will Holden since he was a baby.  He was the perfect age - he had the BEST time.  

He found sponge bob.  

Yesterday we worked in the toddler room during church and Sunday School.  Scott and I may have felt about the same as Will Holden did in this picture. We had a zillion kids and they were WILD! We were worn out.  We went out for lunch and ran into Laurie and Steve so ended up eating with them which was fun.  

We have been going back and forth for years about turning our cable off.  We just pay SO much and even though we love TV - there are so many other options.  We had already decided to switch our internet over to a different provider and I was planning to call when that company just showed up at our front door so we ended up getting faster and cheaper internet.  And we are going to use You Tube TV.  This is an app that goes on our smart TV or devices.  I LOVE it.  It has most channels (including sports) and unlimited DVR and even movies.  We also have netflix and amazon prime so we are good to go.  And now we will save a ton on our cable bill.  

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