Monday, December 18, 2017

Cookies and Communion

My girls have been asking for FOREVER if we could bake cookies together and take them to people. So I decided we should have our first annual cookie day! I hope this is something we can keep doing every year.  Sometimes I like to visualize me and the girls when they are teens or adults and us together (and Will Holden - but he may not always be into the baking.  Or maybe he will).  

And of course we stayed in our pj's but we broke out the aprons! 

We baked all day.  To be completely truthful - the girls dropped out after a couple of hours.  But they came back from time to time. ha! 

We made sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter blossoms, chocolate covered pretzels and red velvet cake balls.  

And Will Holden thinks he helped.  

When we finally got it all done, we packed it up.  We made boxes for the people on our street and for their teachers and for a few close friends.  

I got these darling boxes at Hobby Lobby!!! Aren't they cute? 

We have a fire station in our neighborhood.  The girls have been asking FOREVER if we could make cookies and take them there.  So we finally made them a special box and took them over.  They were so nice.  They invited us in and gave us a tour.  This little boy LOVES fire trucks (Santa may be bringing him one) so he was in HEAVEN!!! They let him get in and I thought we would never get him out.  

My girls were beside themselves with excitement too.  

Harper went over to eat and spend some time with Sarah Kate Saturday night.  When I went to get here she was holding their huge cat.  It's not Kristen.  Kristen would never let her hold her.  

This morning we had church.  After church the GA's went caroling.  My girls were so excited.  

Today was one of those days where we just lived at church.  I picked the girls up from caroling and we came home and changed clothes and basically went right back.  We had a Lord's Supper service and we are in charge of getting it set up.  

These kids are such troopers.  We were at the church for another four hours tonight and they just played and had so much fun.  I"m thankful for their good attitudes and love for church.  

When Harper was a baby - I had Scott take a picture of just me and her in front of the Christmas tree. I have done it every year since and I'm SO glad.  I love watching them grow.  

This is just the last four years.  The first I was pregnant with Will Holden.  He's killing me in his bow tie this year.  And Harper is almost as tall as me.  It really is true about not blinking.  

And this picture just screams Joy.  

What a season full of joy this has been.  

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