Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Cards, Chips and Christmas

I wish I could mail all of you a card but since I can't - pretend you just opened this in your mailbox! 

I've had a ton of DM's asking me where I got the girls' dresses.  I have to share this story.  I love cute kid clothes but I am a bargain hunter.  I try to buy most clothes when there are sales and I love to shop second hand.  Last year I went to a second hand store and they had these two dresses brand new with tags.  They just happened to be their sizes and were $8 each.  I may have done a praise dance somewhere in the store.  It makes me love the dresses more to know what a find they were! And we have gotten two years worth out of them.  

Monday my friends took me to a birthday lunch.  My birthday is Friday but when you are a Christmas baby - you celebrate early and often. I picked a cheap mexican place because it's just my favorite.  What is better than laughing with friends and chips and salsa? To me - there is nothing better.  We stayed for two hours and probably could have stayed another two hours if we all didn't have kids to pick up.  What a blessing these girls are to me.  

Monday night we met a few friends to ice skate.  Scott kept Will Holden at home and the girls got to skate with friends.  

Laurie and I decided to just be spectators and photographers.  

Tuesday night Scott took me for a birthday date to my favorite restaurant.  Then we went to Walmart to buy stocking stuffers.  We have this same date every year and it makes me happy.  One of the happy things about having a birthday this time of year is enjoying the lights and fun! 

We are less than a week away from Christmas!!!

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