Friday, December 15, 2017

Santa Claus is coming to town

We have had a fun week of more Christmas celebrating.  

Tuesday was our Women's Ministry Christmas lunch.  We had a big turnout and it was so nice! 

I thought the hot chocolate bar was so cute! 

My friend Jennifer spoke.  She was amazing! 

My friend Rhyanne and I were cleaning up when it was over.  Our boys had to play while we worked.  I get so tickled at Will Holden when he finally gets to play with boys.  He's always surrounded by girls - at home, church and school.  He just comes alive when he has boys to be rowdy with.  They had so much fun.  Of course, soon after this - the three year old knocked out a tooth on the Chapel Organ.  So there's that.  

Tuesday night we had a Tangible Truth board meeting/Christmas party.  The only picture I took was of the cute cake I got at the Bentonville Baking Company.  

Will Holden had pajama day at school on Wednesday.  How sweet is he? 

We had to take a picture in Santa's sleigh while Harper was at piano lessons.  

We headed to see Santa on Thursday night.  I had to pull up all of our last pictures.  I love these.  

And this year could not have gone more perfect.  Will Holden is a BIG fan of Santa.  I almost died when he hopped right up and actually smiled and posed.  If you knew how hard it was to take his picture, you would understand what a miracle this is.  It normally takes us jumping around like idiots to get him to look at all.  I just love this picture! Even if we no longer have a crying picture. 

No matter how much I don't love it, these kids just keep growing.  Will Holden looks drunk last year. ha! 

This weekend the girls and I have planned our first ever Stamps girls baking day! They can't wait to pass out cookies to lots of friends and neighbors.  

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