Monday, November 06, 2017

November Rain

Can you believe it's NOVEMBER????? Last Monday was FREEZING and then yesterday was back at 80 degrees.  But the fall colors are GORGEOUS here right now in Arkansas and I'm loving it.  

The girls school had a fun run last week the day after Halloween (perfect timing - run all that sugar off!)  This was a fundraiser for the PTO and the kids loved it.  I got to go watch both my girls run.  

They have this whole team who comes in and runs the whole thing.  Who knew Jim Halpert was now working boosterthons???? This guy TOTALLY looked like him.  I wanted to ask how Pam and the kids were.  

Scott and I have been re-watching the Office.  We watched the last episode last week.  I wanted to cry.  Even though I will probably watch it all over again soon.  

When we were at Disney, I found a new mole that scared me a little.  I haven't had my skin checked in a LONG time and I knew it was time.  I'm almost 44 and used to like the tanning bed so I was nervous.  Thankfully everything is fine and apparently my mole is just a "wisdom spot" or as I call it - "an old lady spot".  Whatever - I'm thankfully to have the gift of aging! Get your skin checked! 

Every first Friday in November, our town has a huge Toyland fair on the square.  We live in the home of Walmart so all the toy vendors set up booths and show off their newest toys and give out free small toys.  And they have characters.  It's a lot of fun.  

We missed out on some of the characters because we went early in the day but we did see these transformers.  

The whole thing is a little crazy.  30,000 people show up to our small square.  But the girls had a lot of fun.  We went while Will Holden was in school so we could have a little girl fun.  

We had parent teacher conferences last week and the girls both got wonderful reports.  I was so proud of them and wanted to celebrate with them! 

This was our swag.  It kept the kids entertained the rest of the day. ha! 

Saturday morning, one of Harper's best boy friends played in the 3rd grade tackle football championship at the high school stadium. His mom invited us to come watch.  We had so much fun.  The game was actually really exciting and went into three overtimes.  Our team lost but it was still fun.  I caught the Friday night lights bug.  We took Will Holden and he was all over the bleachers so it may be a few years - but I want to start going to high school games on Friday nights.  It's just such a fun small town feel.  

I put this on Instagram but 13 years ago when we moved into our house as newly weds we had this brand new tree planted.  And now it is so big and so is our family.  It was SO beautiful this year.  Of course the day after I took this picture, the leaves all fell off.  

Saturday night we went on an anniversary date.  Our anniversary was Wednesday but we had normal life stuff going on that day and didn't do much.  Can you tell Will Holden was excited about our date? 

We went to eat at a little restaurant in an old house.  It was so good.  I had to take a picture because the trees outside were so pretty! 

One of the theaters in our town has recliners now.  Um yes.  Thank you.  I told Scott if we didn't have kids - I would want to go and watch a whole marathon of movies one day at that theatre.  ha! 

It's a lot of work to coordinate a night away and we don't do it very often but it's always so worth it to have some time alone.  

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