Friday, November 03, 2017

Halloween 2017

I have to admit.  I LOVE Halloween.  I never really liked it until I had kids but now it's one of my favorite days.  I don't do scary.  But what I DO love is dressing up in fun costumes, having a fun family night, spending time with good friends and laughing and making memories.  

My kids really love for us to do a family theme.  In fact, yesterday we were already planning for next year.  We have a really great idea for next year if we don't change our minds. They talk about it all year - trying to decide what we could all be.

This year our costumes got decided for us.  Since we went to Disney at Halloween  and the girls were going to dress up in princess dresses after Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique - it just made sense for them to go with the Disney Princess theme.  And then I found this Prince Charming outfit for Will Holden. 

Scott went all out with his t-shirt.  ha! 

I mean - watch out Prince George. 


I ordered his costume from  When it came in I was afraid he would hate it but he LOVED it.  He kept running around saying "I'm Prince Charming!!!" 

Every single year since we had kids, we have gone over to the Ormon house and ate pizza and trick or treated their neighborhood.  Our friend Aimee and her daughter Caroline have joined us the last few years.  And this year our friends Maegan and Hutch and their kids joined us.  Our kids all have a good friend in this bunch so it was a lot of fun.  

I didn't take a lot of pictures.  It was cold and rainy so we put on our hoods and went.  These sweet girls.  

Hollis and her best friend Kampbell

These two boys.  Kal as Mickey Mouse was the most precious thing.  They had the BEST time.  We had been practicing "Trick or Treat" with Will Holden and he caught on quick.  He LOVED it.  He ran up to every door and carried his huge bag all over the neighborhood.  He doesn't even like candy. Harper was the SWEETEST big sister.  She held his hand and took him to every door.  She's such a mini mother.  

There were several adult clowns out.  I haven't seen It (not will I) but I had to take a few pictures.  It was super creepy.  

My favorite year was the Wizard of the Oz.  

Mostly I love making memories with my kids! 

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