Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Pumpkin Everything

Our October has been so busy.  Between Disney and the weather and soccer - we haven't had a chance to go to the Pumpkin patch this year which is my FAVORITE thing! So I was determined to get there this past weekend.  Saturday was SO cold but Sunday was nice so we left after church and ate lunch and went straight to the patch.  It was the last day it was open for the season so we slipped in just in time.  

And it was SO worth it.  It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun.  

My favorite part was how much Will Holden loved it.  He was running around so happy! 

We go to McGarrah Farm in Pea Ridge.  We also love Farmland Adventures in Springdale.  I LOVE this pumpkin tree/display.  

Will Holden would have climbed on the train play set the entire time if we would have let him.

But there were more things to do.  

He loved the Mule Train and rode it twice.  

I mean.  How can you NOT love fall??????????

Pumpkin dresses.  Pumpkins.  The leaves.  Cider.  Kettle Corn.  Fall is just the best! 

We went on a hay ride.  I couldn't get over how still Will Holden sat for the whole thing.  He kept his little hand on my leg and just sat and looked around.  I couldn't quit smiling.  

The girls were DYING to have their faces painted.  They had to go to choir and GA's at church that night and they totally went in their faces.  And were so happy.  

So much can change in two years.  I try not to get weepy when I look at this.  

I had an unfortunate trip to the ER when I was 12 after a pumpkin carving party. This was before carving kits - when we used big knives. I haven’t wanted to carve a pumpkin since. But the girls begged me this year and I don’t want them to have a childhood without the memory of carving pumpkins so we did it today after school. And it was fun!!! I’m glad my kids teach me and take me out of my comfort zone. 

I baked the pumpkin seeds.  I made half salty and half with cinnamon and sugar.  I'm the only one in the family who liked them.  ha! 

I've written this many times before but  I truly mean it.  Every fall when I was single or especially before we had kids - I would be so sad because I dreamed so much of the day I could go to a pumpkin patch with my "family" and take my kids and put them in orange clothes.  It was one of my main dreams as I waited for a family.  I was always sad seeing pictures of families doing that together because I wanted it to be me.  I just want you to know ........ if you are still waiting - your pumpkin patch days are coming. 
Don't give up the dream of your pumpkin patch! 

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