Monday, October 02, 2017

Shake it like a Polaroid picture

Thought I would share just a few snapshots from the past week. 

Wednesday we had two friends drive up from central Arkansas for a little time in NWA and lunch with us! Andrea (in the vest) is over women's ministry for all Baptists in Arkansas.  She's so precious.   and Marty in the middle has quickly become one of my favorite people although we have only met briefly.  She is the mom of four grown kids - the youngest is at OBU (and she bribed him to take a picture with me after chapel last week).  He had cancer as a child.  And her oldest son has Down's Syndrome.  And she has one darling grandson.  She is so funny and so wise and writes the most inspiring things.  You should read her blog! I enjoyed being with these women so much.  

This boy.  He's so cute and charming that he has me wrapped around his finger but oh he's a mess.  He has started climbing out of his bed.  And I think he is trying to give up naps. As I write this it's almost 10 on Sunday night and he's still awake.  But he flashes me his sweet smile and kisses me and I'm putty in his hands.  

The girls had Razorback day last week at school.  They called the hogs throughout the day.  It made me so happy! 

My friend Maegan took some pictures Friday for her social media business and my friend Rachel and I tagged along.  We had such a good time! 

My friends are a gift.  Adult friendships are tough.  Particularly is this in the trenches of young kids stage.  But I love getting a few hours now and then with my dearest.  

Hollis had soccer Thursday and Saturday.  She has been playing goalie a lot and she is pretty good.  I'm actually impressed with how hard she plays.  

And how much does she look like half pint? Laura Ingalls? 

Harper and Hollis have been begging to get their hair cut short so we finally did it after church Sunday.  They wanted bobs but I talked them into just below the shoulders.  I want them to have the option to wear it up.  They both have such great, thick hair.  

They have been saving their money for a while for a new insta camera.  They want to take it to Disney so we finally let them get it.  I had no idea how much the film cost! I am making them buy the film with their own money because they need lessons in what things cost and also because I'm trying to help them learn it's not a phone where you can retake pictures a dozen times.  All of us who grew up in the 80's and 90's (and before) know what it was like to use film only cameras and the surprises you got when it got developed.  That's the one technology I wish I would have had in high school and college - a digital camera.   (I was told on IG that amazon, Michael's and Costco have good deals on the film).  

And we don't do allowance.  But the girls earn money through chores.  I don't do a regular chore chart.  I have tried but have found it hard to stick to.  Basically there are things they can do that they know I will pay them money for.  Helping with cleaning is one.  One of the big ones is helping with their brother.  They would do it for free but it's so much help to me and I don't want them to ever resent helping with him so I just reward them when I appreciate how they have helped me.  For instance, Harper entertained Will Holden through a few soccer practices and other things and I gave her a couple of dollars last week.  She said she didn't want the money but I was thankful she helped with him so I could watch Hollis.  Or Hollis will take him in the backyard and play while I'm cooking dinner so I will give her a dollar.  They have jars and they save up for things they really want.  They take it to church for offering also.  We don't have a formal plan.  But I want them to understand what things cost and what it looks like to work for things.  

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