Thursday, September 28, 2017

Going to the Chapel

Last spring, I got asked to come back to Ouachita this fall and speak at chapel.  OBU has a chapel service every Tuesday morning that the whole campus attends.  And is required to attend.  I nearly passed out when they asked me because I could barely believe I was actually old enough to even be asked.  (Never mind that I'm nearly 44).  

We have several kids from our church who go to OBU so I dropped off a few care packages and got to visit one of my old dorms.  I got to OBU late in the afternoon and Ian Cosh, who is over chapel among a million other things, and his wife took me to dinner.  

They happen to be the parents of my audiologist Jan who you have heard me talk about.  They have five daughters total who are close in age and probably the sweetest people you will ever meet.  The Coshes are from South Africa and have the best accent.  I had the most delightful dinner with them.  I just enjoyed my time with them so much.  I had to ask them for parenting advice of course because when you have five girls that close in age and they all turn into remarkable women and are all super close - they must know some secrets! ha! They said they used equal parts discipline and love.  And a lot of prayer.  And sweet Sharon was so kind to tell me her grocery store story of having all 5 girls in the cart at once and they were all reaching for things and the cart dumped over spilling out all the girls and all the food.  And she said not one person tried to help her.  So it made me feel better! :- ) 

One of my best friends in college is now a professor of business and finance at OBU.  He lives in a cool old house that is next door to the university guest house and right on campus.  So we met outside and walked down to the campus and looked around.  It was fun to catch up and just see all the changes on campus.  (By the way - he's single and my friends and I are always trying to find him a wife.  He's the nicest guy you will ever meet.  I'm just saying.......hint!) 

This is Tracey.  She works for the OBU president.  I mention her husband in my talk because he was my first faculty advisor.  She is so sweet.  

After I spoke I spent time with the OBU president and his wife.  They are new to OBU and I think they are taking the school in a great direction! I enjoyed visiting with them.  

My friend Leigh Anne who was my pledge sister took me to lunch.  This was us back in our junior or senior year and then Tuesday.  Her husband is the dean of the business school.  We had a good time catching up. 

And I had to stop by the bookstore and buy the kids all OBU shirts on my way out of town.  Nothing like a little brain washing! :-) 

I always get nervous to speak but I have never been so nervous in my life as I was to speak in chapel. I didn't sleep one minute and just felt sick.  But it was a big honor.  I love my college and am so grateful I was able to go there.  If you are looking for a great school both academically and spiritually - take a look at Ouachita! 

If you are bored and want to take a starts around the 20 min mark.  I had to keep it short so the kids could go to lunch! ha! 

Chapel 9-26-17| Mrs. Kelly Stamps from Ouachita Baptist University on Vimeo.

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