Sunday, October 08, 2017

October Fun

I didn't blog much last week.  This fall has been wearing me out.  Between school and activities and ministry stuff - I don't have time to do much.  But we have been having a lot of fun! 

I almost forgot last week was red ribbon week.  But my girls didn't let me forget.  Even if we had to make an emergency trip to walmart to get pajamas that they could actually wear to school.  They tend to wear old nightgowns or their dad's t-shirts.  

It was also book fair week.  Which I love for my girls to read and we love supporting our school.  But you know what happens when you send kids to school with money to buy "books"? They come home with plastic pointers.  I talked about it on my instagram story and I got this text from my principal and a friend.  I was laughing so hard! 

It was also dads and donuts one day.  Which I almost forgot too but they made it! It was just that kind of week.  

I finally broke out some pumpkins and mums for our front porch and the girls wore their pumpkin dresses.  It's still pretty hot here and doesn't feel like fall yet but we are trying! 

We got Will Holden's school pictures back.  She got so many cute ones - my sweet boy!!!

Thursday the ministry I work for had our annual fundraising lunch.  I have been working on this for weeks so I was so relieved it was over and went well.  

Some of my friends were there supporting Tangible Truth! 

We were so thankful for all who came and helped support us! 

Saturday Hollis kicked her very first goal in a game! We were so proud of her! 

Her friend Joseph had a lemonade stand to raise money for our church's Christmas store so we stopped by on our way to her game to support him.  He raised over $300!!! Such a sweet heart to serve! 

This boy.  We are going through a tough stage of not wanting to sleep or take naps.  It's fun.  Pray for our parents - they are keeping him next week while we are at Disney.  I'm a little worried about them.  

This weekend at our church was a big youth weekend.  Our friends (Joseph's parents) helped us work baptisms this morning.  These kids were so good to hang out while we served.  Then we all went to eat Mexican food after lunch with another family.  And our 8 kids.  I love having these friends to do life with.  

We had 27 teens get baptized today.  Such an amazing morning! It was total chaos and so great! That was the highlight of my week for sure! 

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