Monday, October 30, 2017

Ducks, Slime, and Weddings

Now that I have recapped all of our Disney trip - I'm back to blogging regular life.  Here is a little peek into what we have been up to for the last week.  

Last Saturday night, our friend Timesia had a record release party and the girls and I went.  Timesia has a horrible neurological illness called NMO.  She has overcome so much and now she is helping people in the same boat with a foundation she has started.  Her album is helping raise money for that. We are so proud of her! 

Harper has been having headaches a lot for a while - mostly during school hours.  So, we went to our pediatrician first and then we went to see her eye doctor last week.  She is a little far sighted.  So we got her glasses for reading and screens.  She was THRILLED.  She was hoping for glasses and I was hoping she wouldn't have my eye sight (which is not good).  Her doctor said it would correct itself in another year or two but I have a happy girl with darling Vera Bradley glasses on my hands.  

Thursday night we had a double date with our friends the Robertsons.

Ok maybe not.

There was a charity dinner for Help One Now held at our friend's awesome barn and we were so lucky to be apart of it.  I had met Korie about 5 years ago at a Dot Mom event and had dinner with her.  She remembered me which I was shocked by.   We took this picture during the mingling hour and then we went in to sit at our table which was right next to the stage.  And as we sat down - our babysitter called and Will Holden had thrown up.  


So we ended up leaving before we could even sit down.  I was so sad.  But thankfully - Will Holden really wasn't sick.  He had just eaten a lot and then got mad when it was time to go to bed and made himself sick.  

Friday was costume day at our school and Fall party day.  This was the first year the kids were allowed to wear costumes at school.  The first 20 years of the school it was year round and always out of school during Halloween.  It was a fun day for the kids! And Bless the teachers.  

Friday morning I got to attend a brunch for Help One Now with Korie Robertson.  It was an intimate party and just about 30 women.  It was a great group of women gathered and I had a good time visiting with a lot of them.  And it was wonderful to hear more about the work Help One Now is doing.  

Love all these ladies! 

Then I was off to school to run Harper's party.  The hard part about having two kids in elementary school is they both have parties at the same time and I can only be at one if I'm helping. Thankfully I can switch off for the next party.  

I lost my mind a little and had the kids make slime.  This is the recipe I use.  Only I had regular glue and added food coloring.  But the kids and I made this recipe at home and it worked great! 

Saturday Harper had swim team.  The Razorbacks played at 11 and the game was going really awful so the girls and I left to run to Target to shop for our operation Christmas child boxes and to get a few other things.  And then I got a text from Scott that we ended up winning the game.  Miracles still happen!  

Saturday night I met some friends at a wedding reception.  

We may have had some photo booth fun! ha! 

So thankful for these friends of mine. 

Sunday was a special day.  Our friend Joseph was baptized and we were there to help him! 

Such a sweet boy.  

It's been a busy but great week! 

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