Friday, October 27, 2017

Disney Vacation - Magic Kingdom

Our last day we spent at the Magic Kingdom.  

We had a fast pass to see Belle's Enchanted Tales.  It was so cute and the girls loved meeting Belle.  

We took a few last pictures.  

I'm telling you - get the photo package!!! 

This was the one day we didn't carry ponchos and this was the one day it rained.  But we didn't let it ruin our fun and it didn't last too long.   We rode a few rides we didn't before - like the Pirates ride.  And we re rode a few things.  

We took the train around the park.  

It really is pretty to go at Fall.  I have heard Jan/Feb is a good time because it's less crowded and cool so that's when we hope to go next time.  

We had a snack break.  

We had a fast pass to meet Little Mermaid.  

She was SO lovely.  I wrote an IG post saying I wondered if the princess' did their own makeup and how much money they made and things about if they broke character.  Apparently there are you tube channels where they show how do their makeup.  And they also can't say they are a certain character .....they have to say they are "friends" with that character.  I actually ended up hearing from a few "friends" and it was so interesting.  

This sweet face shows it all! 

We met Tinkerbell. 

By this 5th day - we were all kind of over the crowds.  Everything had long lines so we ended up just leaving earlier than we had planned.  

We had reservations that night at O'Hana at the polynesian.  I loved this hotel because it reminded me of being in Hawaii.  

This was hands down my favorite meal of the week.  If I lived in Orlando I would be trying to eat there at least once a month.  It's family style and they bring you salad and noodles, vegetables and delicious pot stickers.  Then they bring around steak, chicken and shrimp on sticks.  And the dessert was this amazing banana bread pudding with a caramel sauce.  

We were all stuffed but we had to use up our snack credits and have a dole whip before we said goodbye to Disney.  

Love these people

We were back up bright and early the next day and flew home.  We were so ready to see our boy.  He was happy to see us but he also had the best week with his grandparents.  

We had a really fun time.  I want to go back.......but probably not for about 3-4 years.  We want to take Will Holden when he is around 5 or 6.  I look forward to that! 

If anyone has questions on Disney - maybe you have a trip coming up - ask them in the comments and all you Disney lovers can help me answer!!!! 

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