Thursday, September 14, 2017

Ears and Tacos

Today Harper had an appointment at her audiologist in Little Rock.  It was a 10:00 appointment so we left at 6.  Scott worked from home today and took the other two to school and picked them up.  It was so nice to have a day with my big girl.  She has been so excited for about a week about our day together.  

We had a great appointment.  Her hearing remains stable which is an answer to prayer.  She got new ear molds made and she picked out ocean colors with glitter! Because of course! 

Today was very bittersweet.  Our audiologist, Jan, has been such a blessing to our life.  Her dad was one of my professors at OBU and I was so happy to have a connection with her when we first came to ACH when Harper was two.  It was a time when we had a lot of unknowns about hearing loss and were very scared and sad.  She is probably the kindest human I have ever met and has walked us along on this journey.  She has made this whole thing so pleasant.  Harper adores her and I do too.  She is cutting back on her workload and we have a new ACH going in in NWA so it's time for us to switch doctors so we don't have to travel to appointments.  Even though we hate it.  I cried like a goose in her office and she cried too.  

She will always hold a very special place in our hearts! 

We finished our appointment early and went to have lunch at a place I have wanted to go to forever but it's never worked out when I'm in Little Rock - Local Lime.  It was so delicious.  They have six kinds of salsas.  My favorite was the zucchini with the pumpkin seeds.  Doesn't sound too great but it was DELICIOUS! 

I finally turned her into a taco fan.  

It's such a cute place and so good.  And it's in a super nice shopping area that I had never been in.  So after we ate, we decided to visit some stores.  We had the best time! 

They had my favorite store, Altar'd State.  Ours closed down and I have been mourning ever since.  They have the cutest clothes.  And hello - they have a place to write prayer requests in the dressing room area.  

Then we hit up Anthropolgie and a few other stores that we need in NWA! We went to Evereve which had a whole play area for kids.  The lady working there was SO friendly and said it was a store designed by a mom for other moms.  I've seen bloggers talking about it - but I loved visiting. 

When did she turn 13? 

We just had such a good day together.  I love love love having an 8 year old.  

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