Monday, September 18, 2017

Busy but never boring!

We had a fun but super busy weekend.  I felt like I ran a marathon.  

Friday, Hollis' class led the school assembly.  She had the very first line and she did great.  Sometimes I just can't get over how much her confidence has come along.  

Saturday was a packed day.  Harper had swim team at our gym in the morning so we all went.  Scott and I worked out while she had practice and the other kids went to childcare.  We got to watch the last half of her practice.  

After her practice, we dropped the boys off and Harper, Hollis and I went to church for a baby shower.  Harper's 2nd grade teacher is having a sweet baby soon and Harper has been looking forward to her shower for months! We love Mrs. Edwards.  I've known her since she was in 9th grade and stayed at my house during a youth event.  Harper was wet from practice and I was sweaty from the gym but we were so glad to be there! 

We ran home and ate lunch and everyone but me changed clothes again so we could head to Hollis' soccer game.   As an Arkansas fan, I love my hat (even though I secretly love everything Texas).  But I felt a little bad for sporting it after I watched Texas lose in 3 overtimes to USC - at midnight.  ha! 

Hollis had a great time playing soccer.  The rest of us were baking watching her.  It as almost 90 degrees.  We are still getting the hang of this sports thing.  Everyone else had big umbrellas to sit under.  We were dialing up Amazon while we sat out there to get one as soon as possible.  

We dashed home to all take showers and eat dinner and get ready because Saturday night Hollis was a Future Miss in the local high school pageant.  Harper did this three years and Hollis was thrilled to get her turn! 

Four years of my Future Miss girls! 

One of Hollis' friends since birth was a future miss also so it was fun for them to get to do it together! 

Hollis escorted one of our babysitters Bailey.  My girls love here and Hollis was so thrilled.  Bailey gave her a little bag of goodies and you would have thought it was Christmas morning.  She did great in the pageant.  It's always fun to watch.  The high school girls are so articulate and talented.  They are all so smart and well rounded.  And it's also SO encouraging because for the last four years I've watched the majority of the girls in the pageant in their public school declare their love for Jesus and their passion to serve him.  I've been blown away by that.  

Scott took this picture before we left.  This pretty much sums up all of our personalities.  Scott and Will Holden stayed home to watch football while we had a girls night.  

Today was church.  We taught Will Holden's class which is always an adventure.  

The girls had choir and GA's and we got ready for another week! 

Busy but never boring! 

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