Monday, August 07, 2017


Well it's our last official week of summer this week.  I'm dedicating this week to staying home, sleeping late, staying up late and being super lazy.  Hopefully we can get a day of swimming in if weather cooperates and I have a date night with my girls planned.  (and maybe with my man too!) And then we will be ready for school! 

Last week was dedicated to working at church.  I initially felt a little bad to have the kids at church all week but they LOVED it.  It was our annual clothing give away.  I wrote a post a couple of years ago about how it works if you and your church are interested (and my heart behind sharing this!) 

This was the first year that my girls helped instead of going to childcare.  They had the best time.  They hung clothes for hours.  They also had fun just being up there with their friends.  I love showing my girls how much fun it is to serve but also how much fun it is to work together with friends to serve.  Hollis said she wished we could work at the church every day.   We try to serve other ways in the community through the year but I feel like they are at a great age to really start serving in our community.  They are more aware of needs and I'm thankful to see them want to help.

Susan and I had a meeting with a few of our pastors this week.  Our friend, Dr. Hutch, just took a different position at church and got a new office that my friend and his wife Maegan decorated so great and so we had to document that we were his first official meeting in his new office.  We are so excited about the conference we are hosting at our church in a few weeks for parents! 

Hollis and one of her BFF's.  These two are a mess when they get together.  

The GA's had the job of sorting out hangers on the day of the give away.  My girls worked hard.  They had fun doing it.  

It was a good way to wind down our summer.  Now it's time to catch up on laundry and maybe unpack the backpacks that came home in May that have just sat in a pile in my laundry room floor for the last 3 months.  And prepare us all to start waking up early again. 

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