Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Texas Forever

We had an eventful four day weekend.  We started off early Friday morning and drove down to Arkadelphia.  Scott's parents met us there and took Scott and the kids back home with them.  

I got to spend the day at OBU at a conference for high school kids who are interested in going to the ministry.  They had an amazing conference full of wonderful speakers who were all OBU alumni doing ministry.  I did a breakout session on marketing events.  

This is a picture from last week but Susan was one of the key note speakers.  I got to hear a guy I graduated with who is now pastor of a huge church preach and he was so amazing.  I also got to hear another guy who is a husband of a friend preach and he was so great too.  It was a two day event but I was only there for Friday.  

The best part was getting to back on campus.  Oh I love that place so much.  And getting to be with people I love.  All the women in this picture were at OBU at different times than me but we have become friends through Ouachita.  They were all apart of the weekend.  I'm so thankful for their friendships. 

While I was at OBU, the kids and Scott had a great time on their short visit to Magnolia.  

Will Holden was obsessed with this tractor.  We couldn't get him off of it.  Looks like we know what Santa is bringing this year.  

I left Arkadelphia SUPER early Saturday morning and went to Magnolia to pick them up and we drove on to Dallas.  

We headed over to my brother's house because it was my nephew's first birthday party.  

Carrie has a big extended family who come to everything and they were all there so it was good to see them.  My Aunt Linda came with my parents and my dad's sister and her husband and my cousin Jackson and my mom's first cousin and her husband all were there too.  So it was a house FULL of people and a ton of kids.  It was pretty much a circus.  A SUPER HOT circus.  

We had a great time and were all so tired by that night.  

We had planned to come home Sunday but we really hated to make that drive home so we decided just to stick around one more day and have a little fun with the kids.  There are so many things we could do in Dallas but it was SO HOT and we had an extremely active two year old so we decided to keep it really low key.  We stopped by Ikea for a little while.  

Then we hit a mall.  We never go to an inside mall where we live so the kids thought it was super fun.  Plus there was a Disney store and a carousel.  It doesn't take much to excite and entertain kids.  ha! 

Scott and the kids spent most of the afternoon swimming at the hotel pool.  They had the best time.  

And we couldn't leave Texas without eating mexican food at least once.  (Not that we don't eat it constantly in Arkansas but still......)  I even ran into a sweet lady who reads my blog at the restaurant. It's a small world. 

We came home yesterday and it took most of the day to get home.  It was a nice little get away for our family and now we are gearing up for school to start back! 

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