Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Lake Atalanta

People are always messaging me to say they are visiting NWA and what are fun things to do? Well - here is a really fun day for you! 

Lake Atalanta is a park in downtown Rogers.  It's beautiful.  There is a lake that has a walking trail all around it.  And there is another walking trail on the other side of the road.  There is also a skate park for older kids.  We were going to do the trail but Hollis hurt her knee and didn't want to walk a long way.  We will have to do it another time soon!! 

We had Joseph with us and the weather was amazing. It was August in the south and it was 68 degrees!!!!! How is that even possible???? 

The kids really liked this tree house they climbed in! 

You can walk through a tunnel under the road and go to another playground on the other side.  

Tunnels are fun! 

We left there and went to the square in Rogers.  There is a train track and they have a fun train playground.  We had fun playing on it! 

There  are a lot of great non chain local restaurants in downtown Rogers.  My favorite is Hammontrees but these kids hate sandwiches and it's a gourmet grilled cheese place.  :-(  I have heard great things about The Rail and my kids LOVE pizza so keeping with the train theme - we went there.  It was good.  Well - I had a salad but the kids loved the pizza.  

There is an old caboose you can explore.  It was really neat.  They have bunks and a work station.  

It has really high seats where the train people sat.  The girls loved climbing up in the seats! 

And then we found Micah 6:8 displayed on a wall downtown.  There are lots of cute boutiques and stores in Downtown Rogers but I'm not taking four kids shopping.  I will have to make a downtown visit this year to check it out in detail.  

I highly recommend a trip to downtown Rogers.  :-) 

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