Friday, August 11, 2017

Open House

We have been laying real low this week.  We have made no plans and have mostly just enjoyed being lazy for one last week.  

Will Holden was asking to go to a park one day so we went to the square first and got balloon animals.  That was Hollis' request.  

Then we went to a park where WH ran to his heart's content.  

I love how much these three love each other.   Will Holden is SOOOOO attached to his sisters.  Because they just constantly fawn over him.  He's going to be one very sad boy when they start school next week.  

Last night we had open house.  We packed up our school supplies (we are loyal to two stores. ha!) and I had little teacher happy's to take.  People kept asking me on instagram what I sent.  Well a few weeks ago they had the cutest teacher clipboards in the dollar aisle at Target.  So one of those with a sonic gift card clipped on.  Because teachers need caffeine that first week back! And a pack of colored sharpies! I just like to send a little thank you in advance before the year starts.  I'm so thankful for teachers.  We have been blessed so far with amazing ones! 

Harper was so excited to find out her favorite boy was in her class this year.  He's such a sweet one.  I didn't realize until I took this picture that they look just like brother and sister.  :-) She knew a couple girls in her class and I told her I bet she would make some new good friends! 

Hollis has two of her best friends in her class which is a HUGE gift! I didn't know either of their teachers but we met them last night and they both seemed super sweet and my girls were VERY happy! Hollis was ready to start school today.  Her teacher gave us a list of rules for their class including things like "being kind" and "being real rested" and Hollis told me last night she needed to get to bed because it was one of her class rules! She takes these things very seriously! 

I had to show y'all my top I wore to Open House.  I ordered a few things recently from (not an ad or an affiliate - just passing on good things!) and I LOVE them! They take a while to ship and they run small - so just know those two things! 

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