Sunday, July 09, 2017

I Love Tractors

Years ago I had kind of decided that 10 would be a good age for the girls to get their ears pierced.  But then when Harper was turning 8, she decided she really wanted to so we went with it and she did SO great.  She took responsibility for taking care of them and she changes them every day.  So of course little sister is going to do it even earlier.  Hollis tends to be scared of most things so she started asking me if she could please get her ears pierced this summer and I thought we better do it while her mind was made up.  

They all needed summer trims so we went to Pigtails and Crewcuts and got all their hair cut and then Hollis got her ears pierced.  

She didn't even flinch! I was very pleased with P&C.  And it cost less to get 3 hair cuts and an ear piercing than it did to have one ear piercing at Claire's.  So that's my two cents on that! 

And she was SOOOOOO proud! She looks so cute.  

I took them to lunch afterwards.  This boy slays me.  

Saturday morning we drove over to Flippin to celebrate my mom's birthday! 

Look! He's smiling so sweet! 

It was a beautiful day.  SO SO SO hot but pretty.  We had a nice day just hanging out at my parent's house.  Will Holden loved wandering around.  

No one is more scared of 4 wheelers than me.  I do not love them.  But my kids LOVE them.  So Scott gave them short rides at the pace of a sloth.  Just around the house.  

My Aunt Linda came over and my dad cooked us hamburgers.  Linda gave the girls a harmonica and Will Holden got ahold of it and was obsessed with it.  He played it constantly.  

He's such a boy after his dad's heart.  He was SO in love with my dad's tractor.  He woke up Sunday morning saying "Holden loves tractors".  ha! 

We saw so many deer.  This one was right up next to the house.  

This morning we went to my parent's church with them.  When my dad retired, my parents left the church they had been at for 30 years.  They sought a lot of advice and prayer on that and knew it was the right thing for the church he pastored for 30 years.  A new pastor would have a hard time coming in to a church where the former pastor was still there.  Especially one who had been there so long.  It was a tough transition for them to leave the church they loved but after two years, they are very settled in to a church in the next town.  They have become very active in their new church and made a lot of friends.  It's a nice church and we enjoyed visiting but it was the first time in 32 years that I have been to church with my parents where my dad wasn't the pastor.  It was very strange.  Scott ran into one of his good friends he grew up with at church.  His family goes there.  So it was nice to visit with them.  We came back home this afternoon and we have VBS starting in the morning.  It's going to be a busy and fun week.  

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