Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Babies in your 40's

I had someone message me last week and ask if I had ever blogged about having a baby in my 40's.  She felt like her family wasn't complete but she is close to 40 and her doctor wasn't encouraging.  I know I have inadvertently blogged about being pregnant in my 40's but I thought I would make a specific post.  

NOW - I'm starting this by saying that I can't give any medical advice or encouragement on this subject.  Getting pregnant in your 40's can be difficult and there are a lot of risks involved.  But it is done.  And it's done a lot.  I'm imagining a lot of you have had babies later in life.  If you have - I think you can chime in! If you had babies in your 20's and you think how different can it really be? I'm telling you right now - it's not a cake walk to be an old mom.  But there are things that come with it - more wisdom, more patience, a reason to stay young! 

I was never a young mom.  I had Harper at 35.  And Will Holden at 41.  That's not how I saw my life going.  I never expected to have kids that late.  I also NEVER dreamed I would have a baby at 41 and it wasn't planned but if you know how crazy I am about Will Holden - you know what a gift he is.  So I don't know the difference but I do know that I have a lot less energy at almost 44 than I did at 24.  It's so tiring.  And I will be nearly 60 when Will Holden graduates.  So I am praying I can stay active and healthy.  

I DO feel like he keeps me young.  They all do.  I'm very busy and active with them.  Yesterday we did VBS all morning and then I took the girls swimming all afternoon.  I feel much younger than I am and I love that many of WH's friends' moms are young and I get to have two groups of friends - all my older friends and a new wave that will come with him.  So may of my friends I grew up with are grandparents.  And I have kids younger than their grandchildren.  So that's a weird feeling but it's where life has taken me. 

There are many risks with older pregnancies.  Higher chances of birth defects and things going wrong.  But when I see people in their mid 30's giving up on being moms - I want to encourage them that they can do this ....... that they have years ahead of them! So if you feel your family isn't complete- I say don't give up.  

My hair is gray, I have wrinkles under my eyes and I'm fairly certain I'm in pre-menopause.  And I have a two year old. 

I mean - hey - Janet Jackson had a baby at 50 last year! :-) 

I would love to hear from other moms of babies in your 40's and your tips, advice, or anything you would add! 

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