Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Favorites

I'm linking up with my blog friends today for Friday favorites! 

I have been wanting a letter board for a while.  I think they are SO fun and they are everywhere.  We have also been watching a ton of Office reruns around our house.  Michael Scott is just the best.  So of course we had to have a quote from him.  

Have you heard of Agnes and Dora??? They have the softest, cutest, most comfortable clothes! Cute ruffle shirts and the best dresses! You would LOVE them! If you are interested - check out this Instagram -

I'm also OBSESSING over these cute bracelets!!! Not only are they so cute and have the names of my four favorite people but they are made to be intentional prayer reminders.  They are inexpensive and I just love them.  Check out this instagram account to order! 
(The owner has a very sick child right now so if you order be patient - but put it on your to do list for the future!) 

We have had a great week of VBS.  We are tired but so happy.  The girls have both had great friends with them in their groups and have had a week full of play dates in addition to VBS.  It's been a good summer week! 

Have ya'll ever had this? We refer to it as our house as crack and I can no longer buy it because we can not be held responsible for what happens when it is in our pantry.  It's so good but I need it to go far far away from all stores in my areas.  

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