Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Favorites

I'm going to get back to the Friday Fellowships next week.  I have taken a little break from them but more to come!

I thought I would link up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for Friday Favorites this week for Friday Favorites.

My girls have these gold tennis shoes I got from J Crew and I LOVE them.  I'm not a fan of tennis shoes but gold ones? Yes! I'm planning to get myself a similar pair before we go to Disney in the fall. 

Last night we had Tacos and Testimonies at our church.  If you want to hear some powerful testimonies - take this link and watch.  I promise you will thank me.  P.S. Grab some kleenex. 

I'm still doing Hello Fresh meals and it's been a real life saver for me! And I feel like I have taken a cooking class.  I've made roasted parsnips, couscous, mashed cauliflower, and polenta.  All things I would have probably never made on my own and it's been delicious.  I'm actually so impressed with myself. ha ha ha! You would be impressed with yourself too! Take $20 off a box and try

Harper's teacher announced yesterday that she was expecting to their class.  Harper wrote her this note and Mrs. E sent me a picture. I haven't stopped laughing since.  She also wrote her husband Jake a note that said "My parents have been through this three times - what are you scared of?" She is the funniest kid.  

All three kids are my favorite.  But I'm posting a picture of this one because he is just so cute and sweet.  And he sat and let me take his picture for 3 seconds.  

Happy Friday friends! 

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