Monday, April 24, 2017


Will Holden - how is possible that you are TWO today????

It really seems like just yesterday you were born.  And we all fell in love with you!

And we have been on a wild ride ever since.  

I can't believe that I have a white headed little boy.  I will never get over what a gift you are! You smile at me and I am just mush.  You have the best belly laugh and the cutest sense of humor.  

You are BUSY.  Oh my WORD.  Even my hair hadn't turned gray when I was a lot younger - it would be completely white by now.  You don't walk - you RUN.  You are constantly climbing on things or running our doors or writing on walls.  Rest is a word that is no longer in my vocabulary.  :-) 

You wear a size 2T and a size 8 shoe.  You weigh around 34 pounds.  You LOVE Milk (or "nuk" as you call it).  You love cheese and yogurt more than anything. I guess you are just a dairy man.  You also love eggs.  Other than that you are hit or miss on what you like.  You are the BEST sleeper.  You still are very consistent with naps.  You love to play outside more than anything else.  And you are OBSESSED with Mickey Mouse.  (or as you call him "dot dot" (as in the hot dog song))

You go to MDO three days a week and it's been SO good for you.  You love going and you love "Ms Sassy" (as you call your teacher).  You are the only boy in your class but you are used to being surrounded by girls.  You are almost the only boy in your church class too.  You are ALL BOY so you make up for it.  You love balls and tractors.  

My favorite thing of being a mom is watching how much you and your sisters love each other.  I told Hollis I was so glad we had you because she is the BEST big sister.  She just adores you.  Her teacher showed me her kindergarten journal and EVERY page was about her "and her brother Will".  Your sisters are FIERCELY in love with you.  They mother you to death.  I often have to remind them that I'm your mom and not them.  ha! And you just ADORE them.  It's been the sweetest thing to watch and I pray you three always stay close.  

You love for me to sing you songs at night.  And you also love to pray when you go to bed.  You are the sweetest snuggle bear.  And you LOVE your momma.  You love daddy but you are very attached to me.  (It's hard for me to ever leave a room if you are in it. )  I will admit I secretly love it! 

You are growing too fast! I can't even talk about you without getting misty eyed because I'm so crazy about this boy of mine.  You are the best gift! Happy day Bubby! 

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