Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Crepes, Tacos, and Pine Trees

Last Monday Scott and I got to have a date.  Our favorite sitter was in town and that was the only free night we had.  We had thought about having a nice dinner somewhere but the weather was absolutely perfect that day so instead we went downtown to a little crepe place.  

And then we walked for an hour on a trail by the museum in town.  It was so great just to be able to have some time alone and be able to walk and talk.  And the dogwoods were so pretty! 

Our house is SO LOUD all the time so it's nice to have a little quiet time with just us.  

And then it was back to normal rockstars routines.  

We took kids another night to walk the trail.  We take for granted how amazing it is to live so close to a world class museum. 

Will Holden got his school spring pictures taken.  How adorable is this little boy???? He is the only boy in his class.  (thanks to Michelle Gonzalez Photography)

Will Holden and I had friends over for lunch one day last week.  We ate lunch and talked and these two boys fought over their favorite mouse.  How cute are they? They are both OBSESSED with Mickey.  I'm hoping they stay BFF.  

Today we had a luncheon to end our Bible Study for the year at church.  Our women's council made soup and salad.  Since it's 80 degrees, I wanted to make a lighter soup and my absolute FAVORITE soup of all times is Taziki's lemon chicken soup.  I know this is a greek soup but it reminds me so much of the cuban lemon chicken and rice my grandmother made us all the time which was my favorite meal growing up.  (My dad's family lived in Cuba for a while when he was young).  I found the recipe and made it for today.  

I love Tuesdays at Bible Study with women of all ages.  I love that I get to be with women in their 80's and women in their 20's and everything in between.  

We gave away cute pots of geraniums as door prizes! 

An owner from the local boutique, Kate Austin, came and shared with us on spring fashions.  She is so sweet and has the cutest store.  And my friend Maegan shared on decorating. Maegan is basically the NWA Joanna Gaines.  She is so multi talented.  It was just a fun afternoon.

If you are local - I would love for you to come join us at Tacos and Testimonies tomorrow night.  It's completely free! Free Tacos and the stories you are going to hear will be SO real and SO full of hope and encouragement.  Come and bring a friend! 

One more picture because I can't get enough of this boy! ha! 

Harper's class has been studying Arkansas.  They had to make dioramas that represented something of Arkansas.  Harper made the flag and the state trees - pine trees.  

And that's what we have been up to.  

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