Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hollis is Six!

Hollis you are SIX today!!!!!! How can this be true??????

I will never forget the day you were born.  You were my smallest baby and probably my easiest delivery.  You were the sweetest baby and toddler.  

But your personality has just come out so much more as you grow! You are quiet but never at home.  And you are SO funny.  You are extremely smart.  You started kindergarten this year and you have just flourished! You love school and everything about it.  You are starting to really read and write so well! 

You have made friends at school and I'm so happy.  The thing that made me the happiest is when you teacher told me there was a little boy in your class who never talked but she sat ya'll together and you had him talking and giggling.  You are so kind hearted and a loyal friend.  

Your best friend since you were just a toddler is Joseph.  You two are stuck at the hip and even though you go to different schools now you are just as close as ever.  I'm thankful for this sweet friendship.  

You are my organizer.  If you go to the grocery store with me - you like to organize my cart.  And you like to make your bed a certain way.  

Your very best friend is your sister.  You adore Harper.  And she adores you.  Y'all have the sweetest relationship.  You love sharing a room and I find you in the same bed half the time.  You giggle and talk and are inseparable.  You still love playing dolls and Barbies.  You also love music.  I'm always blown away how you seem to know the words to every song we ever hear come on the radio.  You love Paw Patrol.  And any show Harper likes. ha! 

One of the best surprises and probably my favorite thing about you has been watching you be a big sister.  You are SO kind and loving to Will Holden.  You mother him and love on him and play so sweetly with him all the time.  It's just so precious how much you love him! And he ADORES you! He cries when you leave for school and just practically giggles when you get back in the car.  

You are obsessed with bubble gum.  And germ-x.  ha! You are just a wonderful sweet girl and I'm so thankful you are mine.  You have been a gift to us for the last six years.  

I loved looking at pictures of you from your last six birthdays! You get more beautiful and amazing every year! We have a bunch of little celebrations planned for you this year and I can't wait to celebrate you!!! 

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