Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Trying New Things

I said on Instagram recently that I sometimes think about doing a "Kelly Tried" series where I try out popular stuff to see if I think it really works or if I really like it or not.  Well - don't start emailing me because it's probably not going to happen.  But I have tried a few things lately out of curiosity and I thought it was my responsibility to share! ha! 

I have the squintiest little slits for eyes and now in my 40's I have wrinkles upon wrinkles so I decided to try out Rodan and Fields Lash Boost.  The picture above was before and after 6 weeks.  I have on mascara in both pictures.  I looked in the mirror around 6 or 6 weeks and couldn't believe how much longer my lashes looked!!! I have also been using the eye cream and I think it's helping.  I'm not selling but I DO have several friends I can hook you up with if you are interested! 

There are two friends who started an IG account together just to feature cute things they found at Walmart.  It's called whoawaitwalmart.  I've followed them forever and in true Sam Walton American Dream fashion - they now have their own clothing line on walmart.com.  This cute navy vest is from their line and it's only $17.  You can see their line here!! 

I have been SUPER burnt out on cooking lately.  I feel like I just fix the same meals over and over and over.  And the shopping and the planning just wear me out.  So I decided to try Hello Fresh after hearing people talk about it.   

I got meals for 2 people.  My kids are SOOOOOOO picky so I cooked them something separate (which I know is crazy but I can make them spaghetti or chicken that lasts a day or two).  It comes packaged so nice and has everything you need to make the meals.  EVERYTHING! Plus a big instruction card that has step by step directions.  

I got 3 meals. You get to go on the website and pick which meals you want that week.  Our first meal was fish tacos with a slaw.  It was SO good! 

The next meal was steak (and it was the best steak I have had!) and spinach and roasted parsnips.  One of the things I have loved the most is it has made me stretch myself by cooking things I would never make.  I would never dream of buying and cooking parsnips but they were so good.  Scott loved this! 

Shrimp and grits and collard greens! Another great thing is you also get the recipes all on the Hello Fresh app if you down load it.  Now that I have made these once - I feel confident that I can cook them again and put them in our repertoire.  

The cost wasn't too bad to take out all the shopping and planning and we got three healthy and fresh meals.  Especially because I used a coupon the first week.  And I can give you one - you can get $40 off the first week.  And you can schedule or stop at any time.  I will admit - I'm a big fan.  I think I'm going to try out Blue Apron next and see which one I like best.  Have you tried either and have a preference? 

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