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Friday Fellowship - Katie Crocombe

My guest today is Katie Crocombe.  I had the pleasure of meeting Katie almost 8 years ago.  Katie is a wife, a mom of two girls and a life coach! Katie is the founder of Flourish + Co.  Katie is passionate about encouraging women by sharing her grace-filled story in an effort to remind them of their worth and that they are so worth celebrating!

And, Katie is excited to share with each of you a FREE Values Guide for Setting Grace-filled 

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1.     What is your favorite food? 
Total tie between pizza and tacos… although, give me tacos, guac and cheese dip and I’m 

yours forever :)

2.     What is your very favorite piece of clothing right now? (FASHION) 

Definitely a toss-up between my infinity scarves (I really like to wear them when it’s a dry

 shampoo + top-knot day- which let’s face it, is quite often) and my leopard print flats that 

are so comfy and go with everything!

3.     Tell us about your family. 

I live in Atlanta, GA with my husband Matt and 2 daughters, Bella (8) and Ava (6). Matt and 

I met about 3 years ago through our church’s divorce recovery group and have been married 

almost 1.5 years. We have the girls 50% of the time and then they are with their dad the 

other 50%. While our family looks different than many, it’s what we know and have learned 

to make work. Matt is the most amazing step dad who has transitioned into his role 

seamlessly, loving the girls like his own… We are so thankful for God’s grace as we’ve made 

this adjustment. And, we are thankful for numerous opportunities to make new memories 

together as we travel, explore, laugh and more.

4.     What is the most important quality in your friends? Or tell us something a friend has 
done for you that you can’t forget.

Grace… When I was going through my divorce, one of my very dear, lifelong friends {who 

lives in another state} blessed me in a big way even when I didn’t have the full capacity to

love on her well at that time {I was in survival mode}. It meant and still means more to me 

than she’ll ever know! And, recently we’ve been able to connect more and it’s just so amazing 

to see how the Lord has orchestrated our friendship for 20+ years now {gosh that number 

makes me feel old!!}

In addition, I recently shared on a podcast that I’ve had the realization that over the years 

I’ve had some friends I felt like I had to “perform for”… friends that I felt like I needed to act 

a certain way for and couldn’t just be myself around… so, I’ve had some shifts in friendships 

over the years and that’s been really healing for me and in that I’ve seen that grace to just be 

ME is huge- no strings attached or big expectations.

5.     What’s something you have learned recently in your faith journey? And/or share your 

favorite scripture right now and why or your favorite Bible study or book you have read 


To be honest, I am in a season of a lot of growth and I feel like a sponge lately with reading 

so much. I recently finished “The Comparison Trap” study by Sandra Stanley and was really 

encouraged by the theme throughout the book which is that in order to avoid the 

comparison trap you must learn to leverage your gifts and celebrate others {out loud and on 

purpose is best!} As I partner with women, I really see how vital this is in them “staying in 

their own lane” and feeling confident in their calling.

In regards to favorite scripture, one of my life verses that I am constantly rehearsing is 

Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”. 

Then for 2017, as I move forward with some big dreams, the Lord keeps laying Psalm 27:1 

“The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my 

life- of whom shall I be afraid?”

Lastly, and most recently, I have really enjoyed the book “Grace NotPerfection”, by Emily 

Ley. What a sweet reminder it is that life, all the good stuff of it, is found in letting go and 

just “embracing the mess” – as I like to say “let go of perfect and grab hold of grace”. And, 

the importance of caring for ourselves as women so we can love our people well.

6.     What is your biggest fear? My biggest fear is not controlling my workaholic tendencies 

that have shown themselves in the past and therefore not working from a place of rest. As I 

consistently prepare to embark on leading women through coaching, speaking and 

workshops, the Lord continues to remind me that I need to rest in Him as I work… Yes, I 

need to work hard and diligently and some days/weeks are longer than others- but, that 

being said, no matter how much time I put in, it’s all still in His hands! So at the end of the 

day, saying I’ve done what I can do, putting my hands out with my palms turned upwards 

and saying, “Lord, please multiply the impact and results that women might be encouraged 

and inspired to live on purpose”. If nothing else, may others feel loved well and greatly 

encouraged after interacting with me day in and day out- if that happens then it’s the biggest 

success, making it no longer a fear!!

7.     What are some of your favorite things right now? I am a huge fan of podcasts, I think 

it’s because I love people and learning more about them and hearing their stories… Some of 

Mom, and Businesswith Purpose. Coffee, always and forever will be one of my favorite 

things- especially a latte J I adore time with family and friends, shopping, getting manicures 

{that’s one way I care for myself- I truly do just feel more put together when my nails are 

done!}, traveling and building community. And, lastly, since it’s the start of a new year, my 

Powersheets from Cultivate What Matters are a top favorite right now as they are helping me 

write out my dreams, think through my goals and the year ahead so I can work the most 

intentionally with my own coach.

8.     What has been your biggest failure? Ha- this list is long! That being said, I believe it’s so 

important to have the mindset that failure is a teacher {if you let it be}. And, as much as I’ve 

failed, I do think through grace, I’ve learned from each instance. I would say that the biggest 

teacher has been the divorce I went through… and, as our pastor, Andy Stanley, says you 

have to own your piece of the pie in situations like that – no matter how big or small your 

slice is. So, I would say in owning my slice that my failure to be fully present at times and 

getting distracted/attempting to get fulfilled through work instead of through God was one 

of my biggest failures that in turn contributed to my divorce.

That being said, I would hands down say that divorce has been my biggest teacher to date… I 

have empathy like never before, I am able to extend grace in a completely new way and I 

have learned that I had lost my voice. Essentially, I had lost me and I was wearing a mask to 

keep up a persona that everything was “fine”.

9.  What do you do for fun? I really enjoy design (I actually used to co-own a design/build 

company), so any sort of home design project, painting, decorating, antiquing is a favorite. I 

love hosting, reading, massages and lengthy coffee chats {both virtual and in-person} to 

really hear women’s hearts.

10.   Tell me about what animals you have (Furry things) None… we did keep Ava’s class 

hamster, Fluffy, for a weekend recently. And, yes, of course the girls asked if we could have 

our own family hamster to which we promptly said no… ha! And then said that hopefully 

w/in a couple years we’ll have a family dog. Honestly, Matt and I love to travel and head out 

when the girls are w/ their dad so it’s nice to not have to contend with a dog’s care, etc. right 


11.  What’s your favorite FILM (Movie) 

Oh goodness, there are so many good ones… Pretty Woman and How to Loose a Guy in 10 

Days are probably 2 of my long-time favorites… I adore just about every Christmas movie 

too! Right now we’ve been introducing the girls to ones like Honey I Shrunk the Kids, 

Beethoven, etc. so those are fresh on my mind!

12. What is one fact we might not know about you? 

I have my cosmetology license and did hair for about 4 years… Now it’s only a limited few 

who are blessed by my training {i.e. Matt, sometimes the girls and one of my best friends :)


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